The Butterfly Project by Emma Scott

My rating: 5/5 stars 

I simply love Emma Scott for her genuine and amazing writing style, but with this book I am her devoted and dying fan! There is no way she can loose me from her fan-base right now, because “The Butterfly Project” is my favorite book from all I’ve read from her this far. I am very excited and happy to write about it because it was perfection in many ways and it just touched my heart with an intensity I never imagined.

Zelda, a graphic artist is pursuing her dream in NY. Her graphic novel, “Mother, May I?”, didn’t get the “Yes” she dreamt of and she is left discouraged, without any direction  or money… Everything is coming apart and her big dream is no where in sight. Robbed and with little money to spare, she seeks the help of a boy she just met, Beckett, who is also facing financial issues. They will eventually share his tiny room and after this, a great friendship will be born, followed by an amazing love story. Zelda is not the kind of girl who shares rooms with strangers, but Beckett inflicted upon her peace and safety, something that shocked her as well, but gave her hope in doing the right thing. While she will save money for rent, she could focus on the improvement of her graphic novel and give it another try. Not even the fact that Beckett opened up and admitted his past mistakes scared Zelda, because she could see the person he really is, without being afraid.

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Zelda and Beckett are relationship goals!!!! They were amazing and cute and passionate and I totally wish everyone could have this kind of love in their lives. I liked Zelda a lot for her ironic jokes and for her intelligence and persistence. Guilt and loss formed her art and the concept of “Mother, May I?” and she wants to send a message to the world, but also get some closure doing this. She wants to forever remember her lost sister in this story and part of her perseverance is because she believes heart and soul in the message behind it and in the power or forgiveness. The fact that she was not afraid of Beckett past was a total bonus for me, because she could see how alike the 2 of them are and how well they connect. Even if he made mistakes, those mistakes consumed and forever changed his life, and that thing is more than noticeable in the reluctance he has on taking a chance in love, in building something new, because he feels he is not worth it. WRONG!!!!!

Beckett is officially on my BBB list, because I can’t seem to remember a better guy than him. It is rare that I have such a click with heroes, but he won me over almost instantly. His good heart, his letters, his struggles, his talent, his love and friendship towards Zelda, even his remorse, guilt and fears, made this character so lovable and I just couldn’t get enough of his story, I wanted it to last 300 pages more. It has been a pleasure reading about him, getting to see all sides of his personality, seeing his hard exterior, but getting to love everything inside. He was just perfect and the dumb boy was do blind to see it:)

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This book was intense, but this time not entirely because of the plot, but because of the feels and emotions that drove me to keep on reading until exhaustion. I was pulled in by this amazing characters and by the sheer joy of being with them, getting to know them better and experiencing all this feelings that I never knew I could. I loved Zelda and Beckett for their love, for their emotions, their passion and connection, for their fights and even for those moments were they just stare into each others eyes and say nothing. Most important, I loved them for the strong message they managed to pass on to readers, because they have a heart of gold and you just can’t help in falling in love with them over and over again. They are an example of forgiveness and how important love can be in making you move on in life. Thank you Emma for this story:)


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