The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

36511768My rating: 4/5 stars 

YA fans definitely know about this book and if you ask each and one of them, they are incredible excited about what is to come for this series. “The Cruel Prince” is a delicious bestseller, which totally creates addiction. If you are not familiarized with the universe and the plot, please leave behind everything you knew about fairies and magic, because this one right here is dark and twisted, with capital letters.

Jude and her sisters witnessed their parents being murderer. Their murderer took them to his world, to the High Court of Faerie and raised them as his own. Years passed and Jude becomes a teenager, who everybody hates because of her human origins. All her life Jude wanted to fit in, to adapt, to evolve, to learn how to fight, despite having everything against her. Extremely ambitious, she want to become a knight, to serve the High King. That is her life purpose and nothing will stand in her way. Only that Prince Cardan, the king’s youngest son is willing to do the impossible to prevent it, and because of this, an intense rivalry will arise between him and Jude.

When we say “fairy”, we think of sa upernatural being, beautiful, full of grace and skills. In “The Cruel Prince” you will have a surprise, because they are the opposite. Dark creatures, with an awful personality, full of hate and treason as their second nature.  You cannot trust them, because they will end up getting you killed.

What impacted me the most? Holly’s lyrical writing style. It is perfect for this scenario and managed to capture the essence of this book wonderfully. It is a multilayered style, which you just peal off with every page you turn. The descriptions are amazing, full of colors, life and gives you the impression of seeing a postcard.

The characters are amazing and very well crafted, in an original way. Jude is not your typical heroine. Having a gruesome past, force to live among fairies that hate her and want her dead. Every day was a struggle, but her ambition grew exponentially as the hatred for her kind increased. For the mere fact of being human, her condition was settled and she has no way of reversing it. She wants with all her heart to become a knight, and during this, she will be sucked in a storm full of treason, plot, anger, hate and extreme situations. Because Caldan hates her, her mission is even harder. Their relationship is very confusing and I was not 100% sure of where are they going to go further on. Even if things look very clear, in this book nothing is what it seems, and your scenarios is often wrecked. Predictability is zero in this story!!!!!!

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Jude clearly evolved, but I am not sure that in a totally good way. It is very notable how she is trying to adapt, but in the process looses a part of herself. She has a lot of qualities, but once at the Court, something in her soul shifts, because being involved in that madness it’s impossible not to get affected. She wants to be one of the best, to be valued for her qualities, but she also has a lot of weak spots that are immediately felt by the fairies. There are parts of the book in which even Jude doesn’t recognize herself and realizes the damaged made. Power, ambition, politics and war are just a few elements that make this book so engaging and wonderful to read. I am very curios how her relationship with Cardan will evolve, because I am almost 100% sure it won’t transform into something romantic. I know Holly wants something original, and enemies to lovers is not part of the plan.

So, there you have it. “The Cruel Prince” is a captivating book, with a WOW plot, with extremely interesting characters, with qualities, but also a hell lot of flaws. A dark book, but a complex one, full of twists, plots and amazing descriptions that manage to get you out of the ordinary and into this amazing universe Holly created. Some say it is similar to GOT….




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