Falling Away by Penelope Douglas

My rating: 5/5 stars 

Penelope Douglas is listed in my top 5 favorite authors. Not only does she delivers a hell of a good story, but the plot is so complex and well built, that the final result is amazing and engaging. “Falling Away” is from my POV the best from the series, because it has certain elements that raise the level of the story immensely.

If in the first 2 books there were problems either with the hero or heroine, now both of them have certain issue that make them broken people. But you know the thing with broken, love can put you back together in no time:) You already know K.C. from the previous books. I tell you that her past is terrible and tragic, after losing her sister in an accident. She is to blame for this by her family and in the process, her father develops a mental illness. Her real name is Juliet, but because of his condition, he is confusing her with her dead sister, KC. Because she doesn’t want to cause him any shock, Juliet’s mother is letting this thing go on, and for years, Juliet looses her identity and personality to KC. She practically has to pretend to be another person, and a lot of her qualities are put to rest because of this. In a rebel action, she has some problems with the law, thing that gets her closer to Jax and where he lives.

falling-away-2You also know Jax, Jared’s brother, the one he spent the Summer with and came back totally different and busted everything with Tate:) Anyways, Jax is completely numb of this surroundings, nothing getting to him. Even if at the beginning he was a really sweet boy, the years passed and he just became someone different. He is very skillful in computers and uses this asset in interesting activities, which made me admire him greatly. Jax is very hard to describe and figure out, you will need a lot of patience, but the final result will rock your world. He is very different from Jared and Madoc, with a hard past that will hunt him all the time. And not to mention that he has been in love with KC/Juliet for as long as he can remember, but he always stood in the shadows, keeping an eye on her, because he always considered himself inferior. He knows her past, knows what she has been through and always understood her side of the story. He was always there to encourage her to stand up, to own her personality and name.

The book is very intelligent written, with a good plot and a conclusion that deprived me of breathing for a couple of seconds. My beloved characters are back and I get to know others that are just as cool as the old ones. There are particularly some scenes that caught my interest, take the one from the fair, between Jax, Juliet and a popsicleeeee!!!! I enjoyed the way they embrace their flaws and accept each other into their lives. A super book which I totally recommend. Penelope rocks:)


    1. Yap, Bully is the first book from the series, followed by Rival and Falling Away. They all belong to Penelope. You should really try it:)

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  1. Fantastic review! Expect my interview tomorrow as I see that you are back in the saddle 😉


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