Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli

My rating: 3/5 stars 

After seeing the trailer for Love, Simon movie, I had to read the book because I found potential in the story and in everything it wanted to transmit to viewers/readers. It had to be a reason for being turned into a movie, so the book must be great. Right?:D

The story is very simple, but had a lot of depth and meaning, especially in this society where appearance is everything and judgement is easy to make. We hear about Simon, a high school teen who doesn’t want the world to find out that he is gay. He begins an online relationship with a boy, Blue, without knowing how he really looks like, even if they are from the same school. Their connection is very strong and they manage to build a beautiful friendship, that will lead to more. They open up to each other and during the online chats they have, they really fall in love. Only that after finishing his chat, Simon forgets to turn off his computer and somebody finds it, with all the conversations there. That particular person will blackmail Simon and will practically force him to reveal his identity, even if he is not ready for the whole world to know.


I enjoyed this book so much because even if it’s simple in plot, it’s rich in lessons. The whole scenario Simon was put into gave me such good vibes, because he was loved by family and friends and all of them accepted him as he is. His family had a really important role to play, always supporting him no matter the decision he had taken. Even his professor were important people in Simon’s life, loving and guiding him towards a good path. His friends were also fun and DIVERSE. Of boy, did he had a lot of friends:))) Their dynamics was very enjoyable and I liked them no matter the origin and preferences they had. They were real kids, with normal activities that stood by a friend in need. Becky really described a relatable story, with amazing characters that made me laugh, smile and be angry sometimes, because of their immaturity.

I really hope you’ll read the book and after go see the movie, because it is perfect for a relaxing afternoon in which you leave your worries behind and just enjoy a good story.

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