Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy by Cassandra Clare

My rating: 5/5 stars 

Related imageWho doesn’t love the Mortal Instruments and this wonderful universe Cassie created for us, which seems to expand and get bigger and bigger. I personally loved every book, novel collection and short story and I believe I will love them for years to come, if the author has enough juice to keep on writing in this style. Beware fans, prepare your tissues, because “Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy” will rock your world, in an awesome way.

The book contains 10 stories which have Simon as hero and from a chronological POV it starts after “The City of Heavenly Fire”. Simon doesn’t need any introduction, we all know him as Clary’s best friend, the one kidnapped by everyone, the one who steals Izzy’s heart and becomes a vampire. The list could go on forever in trying to describe Simon and his adventure throughout the series.

I don’t want to spoil the plot of the stories, I just want to highlight some ideas that marked me at the end of the book. Firstly, I got closed to Simon and it really helped me understand him better. I am a Clace fan all the way and I was very focused on them as a couple. In this book, I got to know Simon really good and we actually became friends;))) At the end of book 6, Simon is left without his memories and he has to get on with his life this way. He sings in a band, The Mortal Instruments, but feels that something is off. He wants to become a shadowhunter, but he is not ready psychically to take this step. Therefore, he leaves the NY Institute and enlists in the Shadowhunter Academy in which he begins a serious training to becoming a soldier. Overall, Simon becomes another person, changing from the nerd we all knew and love, to the wonderful trained boy that wants to leave the old Simon behind. This is practically the 2.0 version of a boy that understands he doesn’t belong in a place and desperately want to find his way again. His memory begin to reaper and Simon has to decide which way to go. Be the new improved version or go back to who he was? Decisions, decisions:)

The book is packed with action and love moments, but also sad ones and I dare you not to cry. I know I will win the challenge. A thing I particularly liked is the amount of people Simon interacted. Without spoilers, be ready for a TMI, ID and TDA crossover. Connections, links and strange happenings will fascinate you and make you finish the book in record time. I admire the funny, yet simple style and loved the drawings at the beginning of each story.  Enjoy:)

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