Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 1 and 2 by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo


My rating: 5/5 stars 

I always loved books that combine beautiful text with pictures. When a strong message unites them, it is clear that the certain book will have a great place on my bookshelves. “Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls” has 2 volumes, both with wonderful women that meant something to other people. In some words, the albums are about brave and intelligent women, who took a stand and managed to won the world with their courage and outstanding achievements. Not all of them are super famous, but all contributed to something special and for that, they deserve to be illustrated here.


The original idea came from the desire of showing the world that there is no recipe for success and that women can actually be themselves while pursuing their dream. If you are a woman, you can do great things and become someone important. You can drive someone towards their dreams and not even realize it, because you are too modest to see it. Here we are not talking about rebel girls, we are talking about smart and open minded girls, who won the hearts of many people and made great things happen. Some of them made it big, some of them are not so visible, but the result it the same. Because they are in these albums means they truly deserved it.

The 2 books each contain 100 successful stories that made me dream BIG. The power of example, of girl power, of awesomeness radiates in this books and you really open up your mind and learn interesting and valuable things. Women from art, politics, literature, sport, science and music built history and created with wonderful stories for everybody to read about. For every “wonder woman” we have a short text with their live and achievement and near, a very talented design.

What made me smile was the part dedicated to us, the readers, where we have 2 pages to describe ourselves and say what makes us special. Or maybe we have someone else in mind and want to describe that person there. The message is extremely cute, the design is unique and it makes you discover your inner beauty. As Beyonce said “Who Run the World? Girls” 


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