Fallen by Lauren Kate

My rating: 2.5/5 stars 

The Fantasy genre has been explored by many authors, because it can be used to satisfy a large number or readers. If you take a look at Twilight, TMI or ACOTAR, you will understand what I mean and the hit they generate when going live. Keeping this trend, I believe Lauren Kate wanted to have the same success, with a very good idea, but poor way of writing it.

“Fallen” is the first book from the series and it presents us Lucinda “Luce” Price who ends us to Sword and Cross after a terrible accident. Socked about what had happened, Luce doesn’t share anything with the police and she is sent there to be in a way rehabilitated. She couldn’t tell them that she kissed his boyfriend and after that he ended up in flames. Sword and Cross is old, dark and creepy, with an Gothic approach, full of kids just like her. She is not socially active, but one guy managed to catch her attention, Daniel. From now on the interesting story begins, because Daniel has a lot of things to hide and Luce will do anything to figure them out.

Imagini pentru fallen movie

The book is ok-ish, but unfortunately it didn’t rise to certain standards already read. The idea is original, with interesting characters, but now, at volume 1 is very difficult to sort out and understand them. Luce is a very tough cookie to crack, because I wanted to see her being more mature and take wiser decisions. Her obsession towards Daniel will get her into a lot of trouble. Her gift was also very overwhelming and let’s say she was shocked by the discovery, needing time to adjust. But I was not patient:)

Daniel was also a very difficult character, because he was very keen of protecting his secret and was very rude to Luce in order to do so. When we learn the truth about him, with the fallen angel and all, we understand his connection with Luce and his behavior. We also get a love triangle so be ready to make a choice: Team Daniel or Team Cam?D:

“Fallen” is a very light and soft book, with action, dark elements and flawed characters, who are in search for love and redemption. Can’t say it made it on my favorite list, though:)

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