The Wish Collector by Mia Sheridan

My rating: 5/5 stars 

Imagini pentru music box ballet dancerI was in a bad reading slump for 3 weeks. It was awful and I couldn’t get to like any book which crossed by path. “The Wish Collector” was on my Kindle for several days and yesterday, on a lazy Sunday morning, I decided to give is a try, because we are talking about Mia Sheridan here😊

I can’t describe how much I loved the book, how emotionally I got while reading it and how incredible touched I was by the characters and the plot. Being a “Mia maniac” I compared it with various of her books. If you ask me now, it had a touch of “Midnight Lily”, “Archer’s Voice” and “Grayson’s Vow”, but it’s just me saying that, a person who makes a lot of connections when hyperventilating over a fabulous story. It also brought a lot of new elements which I loved and never experienced in her books before, sucj as the supernatural stories, but also a liiiiiitle vigillante inflections on the way.

I can’t even begin to tell you what I loved about a book I’ve read in only one day, because there are many aspects to begin with. Of course, I loved the plot, the well documented, incredible and amazing plot of the book😊Beginning from a local legend, Mia shaped a love story and gave it its own personality and trades. Clara and Jonah are right in the middle of it.

To say it in a few words, Clara is very sensitive and curious heroine, who’s curiosity about an old story made her visit the spot where apparently everything began, on the Windisle property. There, she meets Jonah, on the other side of the wall which separates the property from the outer world. Their connection ignites fast, beginning a friendship which will turn into something strong and meaningful. He also has secrets that will need time and trust to be incovered and surpassed. Being extremely hyper right now about the book, I don’t understand why I can’t find my words, because I want to express so many things all at once.

I loved the characters and the way they were crafted😊 I loved Clara because of her mix of adult and child, because of her interest in local stories and her belief that supernatural stories are real. She involves herself heart and soul in this story and besides that, she loves a person for her soul, the physical aspect being not that important to her. In her love story with Jonah this is the key element, she is not judgmental, she is open hearted, she can give second chances and be extremely persistent. Her perseverance is what I loved about her, because she was extremely witty and smart and wanted to convince Jonah of her feelings no matter his stubborn self-distructive personality.

Jonah on the other side, had a similar story to Archer, living in isolation, and this is why I made this parallels to begin with. Because of the tragedy that left him damaged, Jonah is blaming himself and prefers this way of punishment for his actions. Stuck in a loop for 8 years, he never even considered redemption, until Clara appeared. This is the beauty of their love story, seeing how 2 lonely hearts bind together and heal each other in the most meaningful way. Besides that, throughout the story we can see our characters evolve, make more bold choices and change their life for the better. All of this because they met one day at a weeping wall and developed strong feeling only by talking and sharing important things to them.

The story is extremely touching and it emphasis the power of love and words in an atypical relationship. I loved every second of it, I loved the chemistry between Clara and Jonah, but most of all, I loved the feeling and the chills almost every page gave it. It implies so many feelings that you can’t stop reading and think about the book. It gives you so much to think about, starting with physical attraction and ending with the power of forgiveness, not only for people around you, but for yourself, to try to start over when you have the chance. The story between Clara and Jonah has so many elements linked to it, which makes it impossible to understant only it only from a review. You have to read it with your heart and see exactly the path that brought them together.

“The Wish Collector” brought me to tears, made me weep in a touching way and opened my heart to so many possibilities. It made me believe in stories beyond our world, in love without judging, in the healing power of words and in magic. And by the way: Mia, YOU are magic😊 Thank you very much officer Sheridan for convincing Mia to share her story with us and transform it into a full lenght novel, because I just found my favorite love story of this year 😊


  1. Hahaha yes I see you did the link with Midnight Lily and Archer too. And now that you mention Grayson yes I see it! The power of forgiveness is huge ! And yes the first step to heal. Wonderful review Ramona!


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