Off the Air by L.H.Cosway

My rating: 5/5 stars 

I am a really big fan of L.H Cosway’s work. I like the way she drafts her stories, the great characters she brings to life and the fact that every story has an individual element. The stories are not alike and I find great pleasure of reading each and one of them.

“The Hearts” series is one of my all-time favorites and every new book is a delight. This is why I was so excited so enter L.H’s ARC group, because it means I can read it before everyone else and enjoy it with extra time. A spin-off of this series introduces new characters which were presented to us in Trev’s story, leaving us readers with the opportunity to read a new series “Running on Air”.

“Off the Air” is the first book dedicated to Leanne Simmons and Callum Davidson. Those who read “Hearts on Air” know bits and pieces about their relationship and are aware of how complicated it looks like. Complicated is about to get a lot more complicated in this book because it gives us the full picture, everything that happened in their on and off romance and why they seem to love each other but in the same time rip their heads off.

Filming a reality show has advantages but it can kill any romance because a lot of factors are involved. The media, the cameras that are always on to you, the pressure of being the best can influence certain persons and that is when things become crazy. Leanne and Callum were united by their love for parkour because they cherished their freedom and the feelings this sport gave them. This was their starting point and from now on their relationship had ups and downs. They lived beautiful moments but also extremely sad ones which they were unable to surpass. I don’t know exactly who was to blame here, but heartache separated them and sent them in different directions. Nevertheless, they had a job to do and they had to stay together while being apart.

To start this review, I would like to say that my loyalty lies with Callum. I loved him, but I also considered him an enigma, a very complicated person. It took me some time to understand him, but in the end, the effort was worth it. He really tried and from my POV, the effort was noticeable, or at least I’ve felt it. His relationship with Leanne even if being very complicated, was genuine from the beginning and he wanted to be with her every step of the way. He clearly had issues which made Leanne feel unstable and without control, but I believe she needed such a man to balance her, to be her wild “other half” and show her another side of life. 

Leanne was fearful and although I understood her motives, I wanted her to be more open, to communicate more and not run everytime. Even if she realized her mistake by 75% of the book, for me a major part of the damage was made because she kept pushing Callum away and pissing me off in the process. Again, I loved Callum and his wild side. He was funny, adventurous, with a really soft side. He had moments when I was “of, boy”, but he was funny and vulnerable at the same time as being a total badass. Don’t rush to conclusions, Oliver is first on my list, but I fancied Callum a looot.

The book was a very relaxing experience, a story of 2 people who find each other in different moments in life but can’t seem to make it forever. They are united by tragedy but are always forced to stay separated, even if their hearts are telling them otherwise. We should have to see when will be the moment for their forever and just keep our fingers crossed for a HEA.


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