The day he came back by Penelope Ward

46809760._UY3240_SS3240_My rating: 5/5 stars

I think I have a tradition with Penelope’s books. When they come out, I leave aside everything that I’m currently reading and start hers, because I know it’s going to be epic. This story, in particular, was a hit for me from the cover release because of the gorgeous cover and I was dying to get my hands on it. Btw, I think I will also purchase the paperback because this story hit my emotions hard 🙂 I read it in 2 days and I loved it, loved the characters and the story, even if my heart was breaking for them. I knew Penelope will fix everything and grant them the ending they deserve.

As fans already know, Penelope has an addiction with stories in parts, especially 2. We have the “Then” and “Now” with how the characters develop their story and what happened exactly for the plot to start. This book is no different. We find Gavin and Raven as the main characters, who belong in different worlds. Gavin is the son of a wealthy family with a bright future before him and Ravin is working in his house as the help. That doesn’t mean she is not smart and amazing, but this puts her in real disadvantage. Gavin is in his parent’s house for the summer and when he sees Raven something clicks. He could definitely see beyond her job title, see the beautiful, fearless and smart person that she is. An attraction is there, but mainly the connection to have somebody understanding your problems and share with that person everything. They connected on that level and a very sweet but forbidden love story began. As I’ve told you, his family is rich and this will make their relationship very difficult to keep, especially with Gavin’s mother on their tails. They will try to make it work and up to a certain point, they will make it. Beyond that, you will have to see 🙂

Gavin was a very powerful hero and if I’m allowed to say, I think he is one of the best characters developed lately by Penelope. I don’t remember reading about one that had this impact on me, because he was funny, smart, very down to earth, passionate and persistent, keeping his word and fighting for what he wants. In a way, I think he was flawless because I just can’t find anything bad about him. He developed this relationship with Raven despite everything and was ready to give up his family and benefits for her, that takes a lot of courage in the name of love. I also liked his passions and sense of humor, being a very likable person and fitting with Raven heavenly.

I also fell in love with Raven because of her witty personality and intelligence. She was very aware of her position in Gavin’s family but she had the guts to follow her heart and just accept her feelings. My heart cried for her because of the decisions she had to take and for the losses she faced 😦 I loved her loyalty, her pure heart and that “in your face” style that some might find rude, but not Gavin. She was the perfect match for him because they connected so well, even without words they belonged together. When life will separate them and afterward put them back together, she will have to make important an important choice in order to protect her heart.

It was very difficult having to read the first part because I always know what that implies. I know how the transition is made and even if I know Penelope’s style, I am never ready to face reality. The story is sweet, passionate but also heartbreaking because it shows a reality which everybody knows: if you are poor, better stay away from the rich, because you have no chance. This discrepancy and difference between the 2 of them was not faire, it hurt and I wanted to enter the book and slap Gavin’s mom for everything. I wanted to shout how amazing Raven is and to tell Gavin to take her away before something bad happens. I was very into this story and wanted with all my heart for them to be ok, to not suffer. Hurt eventually came, but I think Penelope managed to pull this story off amazingly, putting a big smile on my face. She also opened the box about a lot of social issues that are permanently out there for us to discuss and I loved how she mingled them in the story and really developed a complete life story with all its elements.

It was really a comforting read, with amazing characters and development, which truly did an amazing job for my weekend and spirit. Love this woman to bits 🙂

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