Stone Cold Touch by Jennifer L. Armentrout

My rating: 4/5 stars

“The transition book is always the hardest,” they say…”It will get better” they say… Yes, it will, but until then, I am left with a book that makes me want to throw it out the window because of frustration and anger. This book inflicted so many feelings, good, bad, even I don’t know them all. The story was amazing, but I was left hanging, wanting more and deeply requesting a love story that was nowhere in sight. 😦

Before I start to develop my frustration, please keep in mind that I am #TeamRoth and I think that said it all.

“Stone Cold Touch” is the second book from the series and from my POV was not as good as the first one, because it dragged very much the main plot, without delivering something crucial only in the last words of the book. See where my frustration is heading to?

After the events in the first book, things are awkward between our characters. A lot of things have happened and unfortunately, the relationship between Layla and Roth is not be the same. Even if we know from Roth what is the reason behind his behavior, I was not buying it and I wanted to go deeper into the plot to understand where this thing came from.

With Roth out of the picture by now, Zayne makes his move, because apparently, Layla’s powers are “on hold” and we all know what that means. They will begin to develop something but I was not convinced of their connection, only the platonic one which I was accustomed to even before Roth came into view. Their search for the Lilin will take them places and make them do stuff they are not accustomed to, but in the end, the secret will be revealed and will blow you to pieces.

Back to my wonderful trio. If anybody read “The Covenant”, you have to know about Alex – Aiden – Seth, right? I think this book had the same vibes, with the heroine having doubts and experimenting with something new, only to have to make a choice in the end. Layla was constantly developing her abilities and even if she was not aware of the magnificent creature she is, the search for her origins will lead her to uncharted places.

The Wardens are OUT OF THE QUESTION for me with this book, I really don’t want to talk about them or about the things they had done to Layla. Read the book and tell me afterward if you still even like them.

Layla and Roth were to strangle or to throw off a cliff because I wanted to put them in a room and get it over with. It was very frustrating to know that something was going on but I couldn’t explain exactly what. I had to read chapter by chapter and pray for a miracle to happen, for someone to enlight me and tell me what is wrong with Roth 🙂 I got my answers, but the white hair was there, so the harm was done 😦

This book was very nerve-wracking because it constantly generated angst and a lot of negative vibes around my couple, but I really hope the final installment will shed a light on motives and words, for me to understand what really happened and where does everybody stand in the end.

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