Every last breath by Jennifer L. Armentrout

515EzsPKvxLMy rating: 5/5 stars 

I am completely in love with this story, especially with the characters. I love Jennifer L. Armentrout and consider her an extremely talented writer, with a lot to give to the author. I admire her for her flexibility and way of changing genres with so much ease it creeps me out. This series was very close to my heart, but from my POV it was perfect with only 3 books. Not that I wanted it to be over, but Layla’s and Roth story was simply beautiful and it ended the perfect way with “Every last breath”. 

Layla blew me away with her courage and evolution and I was always amazed by her powers and the way she managed to discover them and keep them at bay. There were times when I really wanted to slap her, but after thinking a little and seeing exactly what triggered her behavior, I think she was completely right in acting that way with the one she loved. Her loyalty and love for her friends was also sweet to watch and I think she did everything possible to help and to keep her word. I loved about her the fact that she is not vulnerable any more, that she feels and has all the right to experience all kind of feelings even if it’s hate or anger. She is not the kind of person to forget the people who did her wrong, but when the time came, she knows how to let go.

Roth… Roth is just simply Roth and I think I covered much by saying that. In this book I got to see the real him, the demon that had fallen in love and was irrevocably smitten by Layla. He was vulnerable, mad, excited, happy, but also devastated and experiencing with him all this phases made me love him even more. I never saw him as a demon, but in this book he was larger than life, Layla’s equal in all aspects.

This book was a beautiful conclusion, a warming but also exciting ending to this story. The plot was alternating between tense moments, but also funny and loving ones. It is a mystery how Jennifer does it, but she can write about a love story in a middle of an Apocalypse and make it sexy as hell. Her characters have personality and they fight for what they want. They can sometimes annoy you, but they know how to evolve and to make you theirs. It’s very peculiar how they managed to win my heart in an instant, only by after reading some scenes and dialogues. Great way to finish a series, loved it to bits .😊

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