Gabriel’s Promise by Sylvain Reynard

My rating: 4/5 stars 

I am an extremely big fan of Sylvain’s work and everything that has been written by this author was devoured. I am in love with the writing, with the story and the characters, the way the plot is created and the way the reader is involved in the action. I was completely absorbed from the first book than I came across and ever since – HOOKED completely.

“The Gabriel Series” is one of my favorite romance series and it sparked my interest for student – professor romance. I really enjoy books with age difference and also because the romance is totally forbidden. The thrills and the passion are one of the main attractions for me and I always say YES to the challenge. Besides that, Gabriel had such an impact on me that even after sooo many romance novels, I consider him by first BFF.

“Gabriel’s Promise” is the book we all have been waiting for, a full length „epilogue” (from my POV) that will bring us Gabriel and Julia back to see how exactly how do they cope with parenting and new responsibilities. I loved the book and wanted it to last longer, because I missed the characters and wanted to know soooo much more about them.

I felt like I was left hanging and that the perspective was abruptly cut exactly when things were getting interesting. Sylvain was building the set up for the plot, inserting a mysterious element that was very interesting to watch, everything was progressing and happening and suddenly, when I pressed next, it was over. WHAT?? Nooo ☹

I loved that Gabriel’s was fine and loving his new status as a father. We was exactly like I imagined him to be and nothing was changed. His anger, his passion for Julia, his love and devotion for Clare and his stubbornness were intact, without anything to add. I simply liked reading about him and being inside his head, see the man that will do anything for his family. I told you I missed him terribly. 🙂 He has a very powerful personality, a passion which is driving him in his professional career but also personal one. From page one of “Gabriel’s Inferno” I loved him and this is why I think he is irreplaceable.

For those who have read the „Florentine series” there were a lot of clues and points to connect, which made the reading very delectable.  It was a very enjoyable book, but too short for me to give it 5 stars. Don’t get me wrong, the joy of meeting Gabriel again was enormous and I really hope Sylvain will continue the series, even with glimpse and pieces, I’ll take anything. 😊


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