Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi

My rating: 5/5 stars 

For some very odd reason I began reading this series 2 years ago and left it aside after book 1. I don’t know exactly why I did it, but I think partially because I was reading it in Romanian and at that time only the first book was translated. Afterwards I got my box set in English, but having such a long “to read list” I left the series aside. BIG MISTAKE!! Not big, HUGE. I seriously have a huge crush right now and I am very excited about the next books, because the story line is addictive and the characters are to die for.

“Unravel Me” is the second book from the series and it sparked my interest again for this amazing world Tahereh has created. I was always a X-men kind of movies fan and reading about characters with super powers has always been fun for me. I like the way they are copying with their abilities and the internal conflict between good and bad. There are always decisions to be taken for “special” people and they always have this struggle how to use them. Besides that, the acceptance part is very important. Not everyone is having a blast using them and in Juliette’s case it is very difficult to love herself when she can’t touch someone without killing them in the process. So, this aspect is very interesting to read about and it kept me extremely connected throughout the whole book.

Speaking of Juliette, now she is free and ready to learn to use her abilities. But maybe her time being kept hostage left a mark on her that can’t be erased so easily. Isolation is still in her habits and knowing what her powers can do, she is still reluctant to use them. She is afraid, even if everybody is telling her to release those fears and try to adjust to her new home, Omega Point. With The Reestablishment being a constant threat to all living things, Juliette and her colleagues must try to work together and figure out a way to win this war. She finally has Adam by her side but things will become more complicated as they will find out exactly what their powers can do. Interested yet? 🙂

In book 1 and book 2 Juliette was like I love to call her, a “walking heart-attack”. Her emotions were all over the place and the author has this gift of projecting her emotions on to you, so you basically feel the same things as her. It’s very weird to explain, but it worked, because when she was anxious or happy or sad, I was the same way because of the writing style. I loved the erased lines which were 100% true but denied by Juliette. I liked her dynamic with Adam and throughout the first part of book 2 I actually routed for him. BUT, as I’ve seen in many reviews, things change when Warner steps into the picture. I liked Adam because he saved Juliette and accepted her with all her problems and traumas, fought for her bravely and because of that he will always have my gratitude and sympathy. But it kind of stops there… 🙂

Speaking of Warner… He has been a jerk in book 1, but somehow, I have no idea, he managed to get my attention and in the process, win me over completely. I really like him and I don’t know how this happen. It was a mirror process, exactly the same happened to Juliette. First the second thoughts, the doubts, then the whole defending him thing and after that, the love triangle which was very entertaining for me. I am not a personal fan, but this one is deliciously crafted and I just can’t get enough of all the problems and revelations they have, the constant push and pull and the “pick me” dilemma which is on going as we speak. It can get you anxious sometimes because Juliette’s struggle is real and she is torn between Adam and Warner because they are truly opposites and have so different backgrounds.

I loved this book and I am trying to read the series as soon as possible, but in the same time very slow because I don’t want it to end. I love Juliette and Warner and all the other characters because they represent a category of heroes which I admire. I love the universe and the plot and the constant revelations. Tahereh Mafi is extremely intelligent in building plots and connections and she delivers information in smart moments, so they have a great impact on the story and especially on the readers. Already began “Ignite Me” and enjoying every single page.



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