Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi

My rating: 4/5 stars 

I think this is the only book from the series which has not a 5 stars rating. The answer is simple: too much unnecessary drama for me and too much blown out of proportions situations that could have been easily averted if maturity would have been involved. 🙂

I know, our characters have to go through a lot of things in order to reach the level of maturity needed for the plot, but it was a little annoying to see them in so many dramatic situations. I think this was by far the most dramatic of the books and it delivered a very interesting cliffhanger, which made me extremely curious about book 5.

Juliette is now the Supreme Commander of Sector 45 but things are not simple as she thought they will be. She is on and off, hot and cold and doubting every step. It was very difficult to watch her, because we are back to feeling everything she is felt. Her insecurities were killing me and I though this was it, I will loose my cool. She managed to annoy the Hell out of me because she cannot listen without having to scream and feel betrayed by everybody in the room. Yes, things were nasty and her past has been revealed, but after all the things that happened to her, I really thought that she will have the patience necessary to listen. 🙂

Warner was EXACTLY like Juliette and it was too much for me. :)) All the secrets and his past were coming back to hunt him and the drama was being blown out of proportions, again. 🙂 It was a particular scene with Kenji at the end of the book which was fantastic, even if the situation was depressing, it was sooo funny, I loved every word. 😀 The relationship Warner is having with Juliette will be seriously harmed, which will lead to serious effects on the plot. I expected Warned to handle in a more powerful way the situation, but his lack of experience in love business was very visible and unfortunately, he will make a lot of mistake that will give you a headache for sure. But, in all books we need to have critical situations to put tension in the plot and to make the couple stronger than before. It’s like a necessary bad in order to make everything more powerful and twist the plot in the right direction.

I am looking forward to sharing with you the review of “Defy Me”, I hope it will bring me the peace I will need until the last book, because I anticipate something EPIC and I hope the conclusion will leave my characters alive and well. 🙂


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