Scandalous by L.J.Shen

My rating: 5/5 stars 

Some time ago I’ve read “Vicious” and I was a little intrigued by the writing style and the hero. I am used to OK guys, not perfect because perfection is good in books but not in real life and this aspect makes you a little disorientated in your real choices. So, I liked them to be from this world, not out of it. But L.J. Shen likes to make a change and deliver broken heroes, anti heroes that you hate, but in the same time love. It’s very complicated to explain, because the characters are so flawed and so wrong for you, but you can’t stop reading. It’s intriguing and addictive and I think I am going to be reading some more of her work, because I love it and love the twist.

“Scandalous” was exactly as the title suggests – scandalous. 🙂 In a few words, it’s about an almost 18 year old teenager who falls in love with his father enemy, who happens to be 33. Yap, I have a secret passion for big age gap relationships and this was soothing for the soul. I like the forbidden element and the way they learn from one another to be better persons and to accept their relationship as it is.

Trent is a single dad, with a lot on his plate. He had to start low, with practically nothing, just his intelligence and determination. Being biracial didn’t help, so life was rough on him. He has a 4 year old girl, Luna, with a speaking condition, but he will do anything to keep her safe and help her understand what she is facing. Edie is troubled and alone, with a father that doesn’t love her and with an emotionally unstable mother. She will get to work at her fathers company, the one shared with Trent. There things will become interesting, to say the least.

To warn you, this is not your typical love story. It’s a story about hidden agendas, betrayal, divided loyalties, but also about family, sacrifice and preconceived ideas. L.J.Shen knows how to craft a story and alert you about certain topics. Trent is not the typical hero, it’s very easy for him to be a jerk, to mock and to destroy, because life though him this way. He was constantly outrun because of his skin color, and this made him unmoved. He only cares about Luna and her condition and will stop at nothing to have her besides him. He doesn’t need a teenager to distract him, to derail him off his track. His story with Edie will be a good part of the book based on attraction, with no feelings what’s so ever. When this will change, the denial part will be brutal, but very satisfying for the reader, because that is the moment of truth and it’s amazing to watch how the Universe shifts. Edie will put up a hell of a fight, because she has a secret agenda and can’t allow someone to change her priorities. She spokes her mind with brutal sincerity and this though exterior is kind of sad for a girl this young. She faced a lot and I think it’s time for a break.

“Scandalous” was a very exciting book, very fun to read about and although the characters are not typical, they were raw, with feelings that could be projected from miles away. The book was very challenging, emotionally speaking, and this is the main aspect which I loved. The plot is a little complicated, but this gives the complexity of the book. It’s not about a boy and girl who fell in love, face some challenges and live happy ever after. No, the struggle and the emotions are real, and they face is with a fight. Enjoy 🙂

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