Pestilence by Laura Thalassa

My rating: 4/5 stars 

I’ve read many books throughout the years from different genres with various characters and sometimes I feel that nothing can surprise me. So this is why I dive intentionally in some books which have a special plot to see exactly if maybe I might change my mind. “Pestilence” by Laura Thalassa is such an example, a book with a religious story-line, but with such a twist that I wonder how in the world did the author thought of it. It is simply amazing and despite my suspicions, it was a truly entertaining read.

When I think I just liked a love story between a horseman of the Apocalypse and a human, I have some Supernatural vibes, but everything clicked so well into place, beginning with the scenario and ending with the love story. Although things are complicated, the plot was very good and kept me reading long hours in the night.

The first horseman descends to Earth and brought with him the plague, killing millions. Cities eradicated, technology extinct and the survivors are fighting for their lives. This is a post apocalyptic scenario and Sara is in the center of it. Her meeting with Pestilence is more than intense, which will result in a loooong journey were the horseman will try to fulfill his purpose and Sara will just try to say alive.

However, things will change and their dynamic will be different as their journey progresses. It was a very cool ride to see how a human can change an all powerful being and alter his perception about his mission. In this book the focus is intense on “doing the right things” and “making a difference between right and wrong”, because Sara will lead Pestilence into the light and will try to alter what he thinks he wants. This is a constant battle between duty and the heart, in getting to feel things he was not aware of. The process of discovery is thrilling and I was just there with the characters, rooting for them and hoping they will find a way to accept each other.

Sara and Pestilence were a very intense couple and even if they were different, I could totally see them together. I imagined myself reading “Meeting Joe Black” because it had a similar vibe, with the horseman learning and discovering daily what humans can do. The story is not a typical love story, it’s not soft or sweet, it’s real, with cruel elements, but it had to be that way in order to blend into the plot.

A real great discovery for me and looking forward to discover his brother, War. 🙂


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