Where the Truth Lives by Mia Sheridan

My rating: 5/5 stars 

I missed Mia so much and I really like her new approach towards thrillers, because she is very good at it. It can be easily noticed that her research is fundamental in the plot because she knows every little detail when bringing something up. In this way everything seems real and you don’t feel that things were made up only to fit in the plot. It truly shows her talent and how great she is when writing. I am glad to see romance authors who dare to use other styles, because the can conquer the world with their skills. This is why I simply love Mia and consider her my favorite writer. 🙂

“Where the Truth Lives” is the the second installment of Where the Blame Lies”, an action packed thriller which leaves you breathless. There is a love story connected to it, but the message is beyond that. Comparing this one to the previous part, I think it had more depth in showing us how somebody can surpass a traumatic past, emerging stronger and accepting love again. I don’t know if everybody will agree to my POV, but I found it more detailed and I think Mia spend more time in the psychological part and wanted to share with us in details of her research. I loved it and considered it a real life lesson thought by the characters.  

Liza Nolan is by far one of the most powerful female characters Mia drafted. I loved her and admire her strength, because it is very difficult to understand how somebody can have her past, but become the individual we are reading about. I don’t want to get into details regarding the happenings, but she is pretty amazing. She meets Reed Davis at a bar one night and they have a very exciting and passionate one night stand, leaving his flat the next morning. This is what she does when she wants to forget even for a while  – seeking comfort in psychical connection might not always be a good idea, but for Liza is worth it. What she had with Reed was beyond that and therefore, Mia brought them together again, but in other circumstances. Liza is witness to a crime in the facility she works and Reed is there to investigate it. From that day further, their lives will connect in various ways, leaving us with a thrilling love story to discover.

Reed is Josie’s son, the main character from book 1. I was so happy to see how he became the man his mother deserve, because from all that suffering and terror, he is the perfect gift to make it all better. He chose the police life, but as a person he is very sweet and compassionate. His relationship with Liza will be very complicated, but I really loved the way he managed it and only wanted her best interest. You rarely find boys like him. 🙂

As I said, the book is very deep and with focus on coping after traumatic events. The previous one was the same, but “Where the Truth Lives” was more intense if you ask me. The dots connected in marvelous ways and throughout the book I really believed I was reading a story from an experienced thriller author, who spend years on mastering his style. Mia was so good at it and I really hope she will continue to write this genre, because it fits her and you could feel her dedication radiating from the plot.

The story is well written, the characters and deep and sweet, and all the pawns are put in their place with precision. You have to be sharp and very attentive to all of the details, because everything is there for you to determine the next move. Practically you are part of the plot and you help Reed discover who the killer is. We get to meet again the characters from book 1 and be prepared, you will have some surprises which you never had considered before. It’s amazing how our perspective can change after some happenings and one in particular will leave you speechless.

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