Verity by Colleen Hoover

My rating: 5/5 stars 

Colleen Hoover shocked me!! I am in a blur right now and all my comments just seem to not be so important after this read. I am certainly not the first one to say it, but this book is worth every hour you spend reading it. After “Never Never”, which was not so exciting, Colleen seem to give up thrillers, but she made a magnificent comeback with “Verity”, with a perfect blend between romance and thriller.  The book is mind blowing and nothing you read NOW will be sure after some pages. She really knows how to mess with our heads and I can imagine her in front of the laptop smiling and enjoying her time writing this.

Lowen is a young writer who recently lost her mother to cancer. Having big financial problems she struggles a lot to keep a decent life and take care of her mother. While doing so, her writing career was not so bright and she kind of lost her way. Her first books were relatively successful, but she is not a big star, so publishing houses are not fighting for her. Solitary by heart, she likes to be alone and therefore, her love life was practically zero. It all changes when she meets Jeremy Crowford, who has a very exciting proposal for her: finish the books his wife Verity began. Verity is a huge writer with a big popularity in the book world, but because of a tragic accident she was left paralyzed. Lowen was a NO at the beginning, but after that she realized how badly she needed the money so she accepted.

Between the 2 of them something will happen, but it’s very complicated because Jeremy is still married and Lowen is just here to finish the books. But as the plot progressed you actually end up rooting for them, because you learn what they went through and really feel they deserve to be happy. I loved the 2 of them together, a very good chemistry and their personalities was very much alike. But remember, this is not your usual love story, so might consider leaving the romance behind, not being the lead of the plot.

The POV are alternating, from Lowen to Verity before the accident. Past and present are mingling in a good way, giving the reader a very good perspective of the plot and enabling them to choose a side. I certainly chose one, but I am not sure what to believe any more…. 🙂 Throughout the book you develop a scenario, you like and dislike characters which you can certainly die for and at the end, you are put on hold, because reality is not so real anymore. I don’t know how Colleen did it, but she tricked me big time.

“Verity” is not a love story, but a wicked game. The end is by far a romantic one, so you have to be prepared to not believe everything she is offering. If she is giving the information willingly, it means something is not right. Doubt everything you receive and trust no one. Take it from someone who suffered greatly. And I forgot, try to not physically harm the book, because it’s not its fault. 🙂 Nothing is certain until you see “The End” and after that you can draw a line.

“You should come with a warning, Verity”. 🙂 

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