The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

My rating: 3/5 stars 

Still a little confused about the ranking, but sincerely, I can’t give it more than 3.5 stars… Hopefully, the next chapter will be more action packed, because this one was really boring for me and I was in my best reading mode.

The Raven Boys is a Gothic – supernatural novel about 4 boys – Gansey, Adam, Ronan and Noah, who study at a very prestigious college, Aglionby, therefore, they are marked as being rich and influential. But they all have their secret agenda and things will be reveled throughout the book for us to know exactly how each of them stand. Blue will be the missing piece which will bring them together, a girl who comes from a 100% medium powered family, but curiously, she doesn’t posses any powers at all. She can only amplify energies and powers, but no X-men for her, unfortunately.

The first 100 pages were really good, with a good intro which keeps you connected to the plot and wanting to know more, but as the plot progressed, I saw that nothing really happens beyond that…I am sure, for 450 pages, the only dynamic situation was in the last 40 pages and even that was confusing… 🙂

The most interesting thing that the dynamics between the guys and Blue, because they saw her differently and that was fascinating to follow. First it was Gansey, who was very confused on his vibe towards her, kind of  a push and pull but without any reason behind it. Adam got as close he could get to Blue and they had a very lovely connection to begin with, Ronan was the creepiest of all and Noah, hmmm, I just can’t say exactly, but I feel like a friendship is building up here. The connection between the guys gives me “The Covenant” movie vibes, with secrets and energetic meridians and so on. And even now I can’t understand Gansey’s obsession and purpose. 🙂

BUT, even with all this info, nothing was done with it to push forward the plot. It was kept in the same place, besides some discoveries and some clues which gave us a glimpse of book 2. And another thing, I just couldn’t realize when Blue became part of the gang, because it happened very fast. In the beginning she was adamant to stay away from them, but in like 3 seconds she jumped in their investigation head forward… Whatever 😀 I think I will start book 2, but no promised to finish it.


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