A Court of Frost and Starlight by Sarah J. Maas

My rating: 5/5 stars

For some reason I don’t quite remember, I didn’t reviewed this book after reading it some time ago… Don’t ask why, but there is no time to waste, considering I have all the books from the series on my blog. I love Sarah and consider her a very wicked person, playing with her readers feelings until they die of emotional drainage. But nevertheless, she is awesome and I will be eternally in love with her stories and characters, because they are genuine and I would really, really want to meet them someday, in another life. 🙂

A Court of Frost and Starlight” is a preview of what’s coming next, not being a secret now that book 4 is about Nesta and Cassian. We get to read a little about how are they all coping after the war with Hybern and if everybody is ok. Yes, the trauma is still there, but they are brave and they need to regroup, thinking of ways to get their lives back on track. The book is light, with a lot of details and things to focus, but as an action per se, it’s not there.

Feyre and Rhys are still hurt after the war and cling to each other desperately. They are looking after their people, trying to rebuild what war stole from them. They have hope, but they are tired and need things to get back on track quick, so they can find some moments for themselves. Their encounters are full of emotions and promises, which I guarantee you will have their meaning in book 4. We will have many things to read about them, don’t worry.

As for Nesta and Cassian, things are not going to well. Even though they had their moment on the battle field, Nesta is not that person anymore and all she does is push Cassian away, being extremely cruel. Because her life is so messed up, full of alcohol, sex and gambling, Feyre decides she can’t put up with her anymore and sends her to train with Cassian. She thinks that with discipline Nesta will change and it’s up to us to find out the truth about this matter. As us to this point, their relationship is not palpable, because apparently they hate each other, but believe me, it’s just an act, a diversion. Nesta will be a very hard cookie to crack and Cassian will have a very difficult mission, maybe the hardest ever faced.

Nevertheless, the book is a like a ray of light, a glimpse of hope we have been waiting for in order to see if our beloved characters are ok, how they are getting along and just to hear something from them. It’s quite addictive also, because in this way, you remember how it was to read a whole book. Instead, all you get are 200 pages of pure torture. 🙂

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