Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco

My rating: 5/5 stars

I’ve been looking for a good Thriller book with history happenings. After searching my bookshelves I came across this one, a story which from unknown reasons I’ve been postponing. It was very wrong from my side and I am very happy to have discovered Audrey Rose and Thomas, because my need for an adventure was killing me.

Back in the XIX century, the women role is society was very clear – smile, be beautify and obedient and get a husband as soon as possible. Ballrooms, dresses and tea parties were girls best friends, but not Audrey’s. This girl liked to get her hands dirty, in the realistic way of the word. She is her uncle apprentice and she like autopsies, loves to discover the human body from the inside. Of course, this activity is ultra secret, because no one can imagine a girl as elegant as her can do such a thing. Therefore Audrey escapes at night, far from her brother and dad’s eye and does what she likes most – forensics. I have to admit, I saw myself in Audrey Rose because this was my passion too, as a child and I loved biology and anatomy very much, almost to the point of dreaming to become a doctor.

Thomas Cresswell & Audrey Rose Wadsworth | Fan book, Jack ripper, Audrey  rose
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Returning to Audrey Rose, she will become involve in the quest for Jack The Ripper, a very cruel and vicious murderer who looks after single women and mutilates them. This violent acts will be pursued by the police, but Audrey will lead an investigation of her own, after seeing that maybe things are linked to one another and she can help discovering the killer and seeking justice for the lives he took. With the help of Thomas, the second apprentice of her uncle, they will discover something more than the truth, something very nice and hopefully, forever.

Audrey is very mature for her age, at 17 years old to be passionate about autopsies is a great deal and this maturity will help her unravel the truth about Jack The Ripper. The implications are great and she might be in danger of losing her life, but her intelligence and stubbornness will help her see all clearly. Her passion and somehow naivety are very fun to watch and in combination with Thomas, everything is delightful. Speaking of Thomas, I don’t think I’ve read in the last period about a character such as charming as he is. He is so funny and his lack of modesty is appealing, with intelligent hook-up lines and ironic remarks. He will be by Audrey Rose every step of the way, because he wants to help, to protect and to love her. A very well educated gentlemen, he reminds me of Jane Austen’s heroes and that funny shyness present everywhere. Besides that, he is a very visionary and intuitive young men, putting all the pieces of the puzzle together in no time. They complete each other really well and their chemistry is palpable.

The couple is a delight, a very cute and passionate Holmes and Watson, and even if the call each other by their last name, I know their dynamics will change and they will become closer by each book. I truly recommend it because even if some details might be graphic, the plot is very intelligently built and you get involve in the investigation with Audrey Rose and Thomas. Besides that, this book is a very important part of the feminist movement, because Audrey is the key figure to women finding their voice and not being just a pretty object for men to display. She likes to be equal to men and will take upon a detective job and do it better because she is fearless.

Hunting Prince Dracula by Kerri Maniscalco
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