From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L Armentrout

My rating: 4/5 stars

Every book written by Jennifer is pure joy and even though this one was not picked very fast from by TBR, I am very happy to have discovered it. Usually when a series arrives, I want to read it completely and that is why I don’t start the first novel knowing it is not finished. But, exceptions are done and in this case, curiosity killed me because everyone was hyping about this one and I couldn’t be left aside.

This review will not be lengthy because I don’t want to to boring for the audience. It will be strictly on like and dislike and considering I know Jennifer, I would really like to be realistic about this book and not sugarcoated excessively.

Poppy is the Maiden and she is waiting for her Ascension day in order to be the gift for the Gods. All her life she has been prepared for that, for the day she will be useful, not knowing that maybe all this 18 years have been used for something else. When reality will strike, Poppy must use her heart and her head in order to understand what is happening to her and realize that maybe her world is not that clean and clear. Physically and mentally marked by her past, Poppy will have to take a brave decision that could alter her world and others around her. A choice to open her eyes, be brave and love, or a choice to not see what was all the time in front of her.

Hawke, her personal guard, will teach her to be herself, to act with love and courage, but most off all, to have no fear. Even if not all things are what they seen, Hawke will open Poppy’s eyes and bring another perspective to her life. But prepare, there is a painful twist to the story that can leave a mark on us. 🙂

BIG LIKEour golden couple

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Poppy – she is one of a kind, brave, intelligent, curios but besides that, a bad ass heroine, capable of fighting and lifting a dagger and go for the kill. She can be dangerous but also very fragile and that is what I admire about her, having this ability to surprise and go beyond her fragile appearance. Considering all her life she was told what do to, how to act and whom to talk to, Poppy is surprisingly rebel like and that part of her personality will arise when other feelings will get in the way.

Hawke – hot and cold in the same time, this hero is hard not to like. A chameleonic personality, handsome and with a to die for smile, Hawke is not your average male. I think Jennifer really managed to bring out the best in this character by not making him 100% good and inflicting some traits in him that are far from good. This character is dark, intriguing, mysterious and has a very dirty mouth, unpredictable and fascinating to watch. Even if I know who Hawke really is, there was this pull towards him and I couldn’t resist not falling for him. He is different and in a way, reminded me of Rhysand. Considering how much I love Rhys, I think I see him in all heroes. :))

DISLIKEthe inconsistency of the plot and action distribution

The book was not really well balanced. For me it was a little difficult to understand the world and the plot and all the issues with the Gods, Ascension, Wolven, Maiden, Craven, etc. A little too detailed and too stretched on chapter and chapters, without any action what so ever. Poppy is stabbing some dude and does that, somebody dies, but the pace is sooooo slow and when you look at your progress – 50% and nothing extraordinary happened. Too many details which I could assimilate and tried to move on with some apparent gaps which I tried to fill along the way. All the action and love and drama and so on happened after 70% and it was not funny, at all to wait that long. When it did, they all came crashing and didn’t let you any second to breath, which was faaar from funny or entertaining.

So, there you have it, my little review/essay and why I gave this book only 4 stars. On to the second book of the series, hope it will be more dynamic. 😀

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