Kingdom of Flesh and Fire by Jennifer L Armentrout

My rating: 5/5 stars

The best book from the series so far and I am saying this because this review comes after finishing reading the 3rd installment as well. πŸ˜€ I read them really quickly and didn’t let a pause between them in order to not forget even the scraps of information I accumulated from the story.

Kingdom of Flesh and Fire” was very well built up and the structure of the book was solid, with Poppy and Casteel in first row and making this show possible. I was shocked by some news which happened in book 1 but after putting all the pieces together with Poppy, I understood the reasons behind all his plan and even if the betrayal hurt me as well, in war everything is possible and when you do it to protect somebody you love, things are more clear after the first blow was delivered.

After learning everything about the Ascended and about her true role in this story, Poppy will be left confused and lost in a world she doesn’t (yet) find her place. Her relationship with Hawke/Casteel is not precisely the way it started and all this drama in her life doesn’t help either. She will start to learn things which will confuse her and even if the truth is hard, she wants to know the real world and her place in it. Letting behind the fact that she wants to stab everybody, Poppy is taking things ok, all considered. After 18 years of lies and deceits, she needs someone who won’t tell her what do to, not force her and moreover, won’t hurt her. Casteel will be that person, but he will need like 600 pages to show Poppy the truth and to unravel all the information she wants to know in order to gain her trust. Believe me, she has a lot of questions!!! She will learn to cope with her abilities and it will be very interesting to see how Poppy accepts this part and will manage to control it.

I won’t make this review long, because even if the book was kind of long, the plot was not that complicated and it lingered more on Poppy and Casteel development than showing us a complex story. The character development went well, because from seeing Casteel as an enemy, you go back to basics and see him like Hawke again, in love with him with all of your heart. Actually, loving a semi bad person is quite fun, because you discover that you actually like his behavior, his determination, fighting spirit and his dirty innuendos. But, leaving all aside, Casteel will do anything in his power to protect Poppy, not because he needs her in his plan, but because he needs her in his life. πŸ˜€ It will take some time until they will be on the same page, but that moment was EVERYTHING!!!!

So – “Kingdom of Flesh and Fire” is the book we have been waiting for since “From Blood and Ash” and believe me, it will live up to the hype, because you will turn the page frantically in order to understand and see when our couple will click again. You will have to wait a while, but even if the BIG moment won’t come so easily, the moments in between matter the most and are so wonderful to follow. You will experience fights, funny & ironic moments, love scenes but also dramatic ones, full of emotion, fear and anguish. It was a rollercoaster of emotions and for me, it was a fantastic read. Warning, we have a cliffy. 😦

I will leave you this photo here, because I love it!!!!! It is drawn by a very talented young girl, her name is Dominique Wesson and she has a lot of fantastic fan arts with different characters from Fantasy books, including ACOTAR. Follow her on Instagram because her art is amazing.

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