Well Played by Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland

My rating: 5/5 stars

There are books which you read at the perfect time, because otherwise you would have hate them. In my case, I read a lot of Penelope Ward, Vi Keeland or the 2 of them together, so in 90% of the cases I know what to expect, because I feel like I know them. When I started “Well Played” I didn’t even read the blurb, because I wanted to dive in blindfold and see how it goes. It was actually a good idea, one that I think I will adapt for other books as well.

Well Played” was a 5 stars read for me, an addictive love story with various real life aspects which you may face. Presley is a single mon, raising her 7 year old, Alex, the best she possibly can. With a cheating dad, Alex is a very smart and witty boy, with an eye for sports, just like his father. But her story is not with her former lover, but with his brother, Levi. Yap, very complicated this strings were, because in real life, a story like this would cause havoc. When Presley and Levi end up under the same roof of their old family inn, first a war will start – Presley  wants to reshape the inn and start a business in this area, but Levi just wants to sell and get on with his amazing sport career. BUT, things will change dramatically when Presley and Levi will begin to connect, Levi will get closer and closer to his nephew and they will begin thinking of perspective and maybe a future together. The only problem is Levi’s brother, Tanner, who will surely be MORE than upset about their relationship, especially because they have a history or rivalry. And when Tanner will want Presley back, all Hell will break loose.

So, that kind of wraps up the non spoiler summary, but I had to introduce you to the storyline. When talking about the characters, I can tell you that I wasn’t a fan of both characters, but in a way, I understood them and wanted for them to make it work. I admired Presley for raising Alex on her own and for trying her best to provide Alex and be a good mom to him. But she was confused and that was the thing I didn’t understand, because she is an adult and she could have certainly fight for the love with Levi. AND Levi was the same – Goood, you are an adult, you love her, so be a man and fight for what you think it’s good for you. I understood the situation, but considering Tanner’s history and what he made Presley go through, he should have make that decision with Presley, not for her.

But despite that, I fell for this drama, for their wrong decisions and for what they went through. I liked the tension, the stolen kisses and moments and I was convinced Levi will get his head from his ass and understand what he want to do. Yes, family is important, but it was not their fault and if in real life this happens, I really think that persons should fight for one another. I wanted them to be different, yes, but I think that because of those faults, I liked them and I was very emphatic and rooted for them to make the best decision.

It was really addictive, the love scenes were amazing and very well written and the drama, even if on some occasions was a little unnecessary, I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I put it on the top of books this duo has ever released and I will certainly recommend it for Romance lovers.

Cover Reveal! WELL PLAYED by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward
Source: Vi Keeland newsletter

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