The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood 

My rating: 3/5 stars

Pffff, a hard review this will be if you ask me. I love Romance, from smut, to dark romance, to sweet chili, until sweet plain and simple. “The Love Hypothesis” was on all Bookstagram and there was no way to avoid it, only if you were blind. So I bought it and read it.

How do I felt afterwards? It’s a little difficult to explain.
It was a sweet story, but the plot was not extremely developed. It was ok, it developed in an average way, but it was not complex or with something to blow you away Vs other Romance books. But it was enjoyable, relaxing and made me laugh a looooot. The irony and the humor were there, part of the story and of course, the nerdy, biology elements which I absolutely LOVE, being a biology NERD myself. It upgraded the story and made him like for adults, because a lot of smart people were talking about smart stuff and wanted to save the world with their knowledge.

The characters – Well, Adam was dreamy and cute, but bipolar if you ask me. He could be a total nerd, but deliver hot scenes when being put into certain situations. He could be extremely possessive when trying to defend the woman he loves, but very gentle in the same time. He kind of gave me mixed signals, but he was ok, a good hero, with a kind heart and very, but very smart… and gorgeous… and hot… 😀

Olive – WAS NOT for me. I liked the nickname “Kalamata”, I was on the floor when reading about it the first time. But no, I was not her number 1 fan. Why? The lying killed my mood and made me not understand her at all. She was acting more like a 16 year old school girl than a scientist in development. Considering what she went through, I wanted her more mature and more aware of the benefits of telling the truth and being open with everyone, including her best friend and Adam. Yes, everything started from a lie and things happened, but you cannot evade every time real life situations by no telling the truth. Because of that, we were not a match at all. 😦

The Love Hypothesis” was a pleasant read, but only that. It was relaxing, funny, but it is not a work of art of something that cannot be forgotten after closing the book. Plus for the cover, I loved it and it totally matches the day Adam and Olive met. But please be aware, even if the story is sweet and sounds innocent, the love scenes between the heroes are FAR from innocent. It was kind of confusing to read through it and imagine +15 teens are reading it and when getting to the love scenes to realize it is NOT appropriate for them.

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