The Girl in the Love Song by Emma Scott

My rating: 4/5 stars

I missed Emma sooo much and every time I read her books, I get to emotional and I feel like crying all the time. There are cases in which maybe the story is not 100% complex or dynamic or you feel like maybe it could have been exploited more, but the emotion behind the story is everything. It becomes part of the story and it has its own persona, a character so well built it make you forget about the plot and what your requests were. It’s like a living thing and you get absorbed so much into this feeling that it takes all your energy away, leaving you without defense when dealing with beautiful stories.

The Girl in the Love Song” starts when Miller met Violet at the age of 13. She was a rich girl who felt bad for him because he was sleeping in a car in the woods and washing himself in a gas station. She shared with him her birthday cake and he entered her room through the window. From that day on, they found in each other the love of their lives, even if they were too little to notice.
Years went by and Miller and Violet became best friends, but not only that. It was very difficult for them to accept their feelings, because they were insecure and afraid to admit them out loud. So, they lost a lot of time in denial and trying to be linked to someone else. Of course, it didn’t work and Miller and Violet always found each other even in the darkest of times. When Miller will try to pursue his singing career, their paths will take an unexpected turn and it will up to them to keep close….

Miller – God, he was such a good boy, but with such hard challenges on his shoulders. Caring for his mom, living in such poorness and feeling all the time he can’t level up to Violet. This uncertainty ate him alive and made him take wrong decisions over and over. At 17, he was completely in love with Violet and dedicate her all his songs, only for her to realize his feelings. He struggled a lot and will have some terrible times when he will discover something which will change his life forever.

Violet – I loved her and I loved the feistiness. She was so dedicated to Miller and so present for him, but there were times when I wanted to kill her for not realizing the obvious. She was not faire to Miller nor to herself, because she kept on pushing aside her feelings because she was scared. She wants to become a doctor and partially her decision was made for Miller and for the love she felt for him. A very sweet girl, who fought a lot for her career and her studies. I wished she realized sooner her love for Miller and not lose so many years doubting.

The Girl in the Love Song” is a very emotional story about best friend becoming lovers, but not just lovers, but soul mates. The intensity of their love was so powerful and sweet, it coated the entire plot and it created a WOW story for us to read. It describes the path of a young boy that came from nothing and discovered fame along the way and with the help of a beautiful girl who represented his entire world. The story is intense, the scenes between Miller and Violet are the same, with happy and sad moments and important moments that can be redefined in a blink of an eye. Emma created awareness about important medical problems and I really appreciated her research, because she was up to date with every aspect and created a real story for her readers. Even if we are reading Fiction, it is important to see the links to reality and remember that out there, people can relate to such stories.

Miller’s journey was amazing and I really look forward to reading about the other lost boys, my attention being caught by Ronan and his mystery aura. Enjoy!

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