A Touch of Darkness series by Scarlett St. Clair

A Touch of Darkness: 5/5 stars

A Touch of Ruin: 3/5 stars

A Touch of Malice: 4/5 stars


I decided to write a single review for all 3 books that were published, because I find it hard to separate them and to manage them individually. I read them back to back, so it’s logical to do one review, which will incorporate all my feelings and impressions. Besides that, I might be inclined to review poorly some of the characters, and I think it is faire to them to speak at the end, when the story is over… for now. πŸ™‚

Book 1

The beginning with “A Touch of Darkness” was very smooth and considering the background, it is the best book from the series. I loved the originality and the new approach of the author and why not, the fact that even the Gods made an upgrade to their living. Persephone was been living all her life hidden away by her mother, Demeter, but she has dreams. She loves to write and her journey into journalism will make her become a very curious person, someone who will fight for justice. Her curiosity will lead her to Hades club and her life will never be the same again. What started with a challenge and a pact will became one of the most powerful love stories in Olympian history. Persephone will find out that her destiny is to rule besides Hades, but their union is not seen ok by the God, a relationship which be contested and hated. This power couple will have some fighting to do and they will need everything there is to it so stay to together.

I loved the first book, I loved Hades and this intensity and passion, a very genuine hero which I know will leave a mark. His love and kind of obsession for Persephone will lead to a lot of adventures and casualties, but considering how much he was been waiting for her, I think everything was worth it. Persephone on the other hand was kind of difficult to understand, I sensed a lot of immaturity from her side and that she was very confused. Considering how much Demeter shield her and kept her in the dark, this confusion was understandable, this is why I ranked the book at 5 stars, hoping that our heroine will develop into something more.

Book 2

It didn’t quite happened in the second book, because “A Touch of Ruin” was very hard to read. It was unbearable and I struggled soooo much with Persephone, it almost made me not finish the books. So many mistakes and communication problems were hard to digest and because of this, it completely ruin the plot for me. I just wanted to go ahead and see if something happens in the book. Not to mention that not even their connection was genuine, because all their encounters ended up in sex, sex, sex and agaaain sex. I don’t have any problem in reading this type of scenes, but when they are purely physicals and lack essence, I consider them useless for the plot. This book had the lowest rating because Persephone drove me mad and exploded the plot with mistakes and nonsense. This book was salvaged by Hermes and Apollo, 2 secondary characters which grown sooo much on me, that I literally can’t see the plot without them. I secretly wished that Hermes and Hades just change sides and hook up, because they are delicious.

Book 3

A Touch of Malice” began like in the same way as “A Touch of Ruin” and I thought it would be very difficult to follow and to finish it. Even if the beginning was hard, with Persephone being her usual annoying self and having sex with Hades on every surface of the Underworld, the second part of the book was really good and kept the pace until the very, very end. It changed a lot from the second book, because we actually read about something else and the love story between Hades and Persephone evolved. They began to be under the God’s radar and this thing caused conflict, which drowns dynamic to the plot. It was fast paced and very sudden, but I liked it. It had to do with the original idea that Hades and Persephone were forbidden and because of that, everything revolved around them.

I think this book was very good, it gave me the chills I needed to keep going and to see what happens. Other than that, the dynamic of Hades and Persephone changed and our heroine stepped out of the dark and became to embrace her divinity and take action. I have waited a long time for her to grow, mature and became the Queen she needs to be, can’t say that I love her as much I loved Hades, but we see an improvement and I really enjoyed it. Hades has the same intensity, the same power, only that now we can see him more human and more aware of his feelings and vulnerability. And I loved it, it is very nice to see this particular god so invested in this love story and so humanized in certain scenes.

My only problem is the release date of “A Touch of Chaos“, the 4th book of the series… Fall 2023………………………..

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