The Stopover by T.L.Swan

My rating: 4/5 stars

When I was very little, I used to watch a lot of soup operas and love them. Growing up, I began to feel very aware of what I am seeing, but because of the addiction of having love-drama-HEA in the same package, I continued watching. It might have been be the biggest mistake of my life, because now, when I read something like this, I turn to mush.

I’ve been in a bad RS for some weeks now and I saw a series recommendation from a very nice bookstagrammer – Aida (@Unicornulciteste)- and her enthusiasm for the stories sold it to me right away. I got the whole series and decided to give it a try! I hate RS and it annoys me dearly to stay away from books when I don’t want that. Plus, this is my first read from this author.

The Stopover” is the story of Emily and Jameson, 2 completely different people who experience an intense one night stand while having a stopover because of a winter blizzard. They meet each other during the flight at first class and they instantly hit it off. Jameson doesn’t use his real name and Emily has no idea who he is (BIG surprise here). After their passionate night, Jameson doesn’t ask for Emily’s phone number and they part ways.

After 1 year, Emily finds out who Jameson really is and realizes that she is actually working for his company. He is the CEO of one of the biggest media company in the world and LOL – Emily had the most intense night of her life with a billionaire.

When all the fog is cleared, Emily and Jameson begin a very unusual and intense relationship, which will test readers patience, intelligence and most of all, allegiance. The 2 of them come from very distinct worlds and because of that, sparks will fly in every aspect of their lives.

Emily is dearly independent, but extremely passionate and has a temper. Those tantrums and fights with Jameson proved to be very funny, not in dialogues but in context. The author placed the characters in such funny conditions that I couldn’t believe what I was reading about, but enjoyed it at maximum. She is very loyal, devoted and stubborn, trades which will be very useful for the plot. I considered her a strong heroine, having to put up with a lot from Jameson, and not all the time she received only good things.

I gave the story 4 stars because of Jameson, the CEO with an attitude. Even if I love an alpha/caveman/possessive type of character, I cannot be ok with the way he treated Emily when problems occurred. I understood his history, his upbringing, but this lack of empathy and respect for her was not OK for me. Even if yes, he has a very sensitive, noble and altruistic side (which btw, was brought to light also by Emily), no – this attitude was a solid NO for me.

Anyways… besides that, I can say that he was ok-ish, but having all the time that in mind, it was difficult to fall in love with him completely. I think I liked his brothers more, mainly Tristan and I am looking forward to the second book to read his story. Elliot for now is a spoiled brat, but I know things will progress with him also. Even if it’s not rated yet, I expect a book about Chris as well.

As a conclusion, I recommend this book if you want an addictive story to pull you up from misery and RS. It is catchy, spicy, with a lot of good love scenes. It has SOOOOO much drama ( remember soap opera above), but it makes you keep on reading and keeps you connected to the story. If I had the patience to read 500 pages, not even blink and complain about it, then anyone can do it. The characters are far from perfect, they can be quite infuriating, but the funny side of the plot is delicious and it made me giggle a lot of times like a school girl.

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