An Offer From a Gentleman by Julia Quinn

I won’t lie and pretend that the show didn’t bring me to this book, but whatever the motive, I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. I read “An offer from a gentleman” coming down from the hype of season 2 on Netflix, so all my enthusiasm was more intense and the story was certainly read in a more passionate way.

Benedict is my favorite Bridgerton and I fell for him almost instantly, because, from all the brothers, he is closer to my heart in personality and way of living. He is an artist and this feature is making him more romantic than most. Plus, I think that Benedict has a problem of truly discovering who he is, so this uncertainty made him more down to earth, but also made him question life. Mostly, every brother has a dilemma or a problem, but the way they are facing them is very interesting to me.

We all saw how Anthony was coping with being the first in line and urgently married, so I was hoping not every brother had that weight on their shoulders. Benedict is called in a vial way – Number 2, and that alone upset me because it’s not fair at all for a person to be nicknamed like that.

This book was amazing and I read it sooo fast because I loved the vibe and the pace and the whole retelling of Cinderella. It was very amazing to read and it made my heart beat a little faster in some scenes because they were emotional, swoon-worthy, and truly representative of the Romance genre.

Sophie is a child made out of the marriage between a lord and a maid. For society, that was unthinkable and Sophie was never to be recognized as legitimate. Because this is inspired by Cinderella, a stepmother will be in the picture, together with 2 stepsisters, who will practically transform Sophie into their personal slave after her father’s passing.

When The Bridgertons will organize a mascaraed ball, Sophie will make a mysterious appearance and will leave a magical impression on Benedict. Between the 2 of them, something will arise, but the problem is that Benedict will have no idea who this mysterious lady is. From this point on, our favorite Bridgerton will search for this magnificent lady who stole his heart but never to find her again. His thoughts will remain solely on her and the night they shared a kiss, but destiny has a way of making people happy again and creating the most amazing coincidences.

I loved Sophie and Benedict together and consider them really worthy of being the leads in this book. Regarding Benedict, I think I rest my case, but Sophie was even more intense and her past was haunting her and never let her be happy. Her childhood was darkened by her stepmother and even if her position needed to be other, Sophie was always kept at the maid/service level, which was extremely not fair for such a lovely lady. She is well educated, funny, and smart, but very afraid of letting her heart decide because her mother did the same mistake and didn’t end up well.

The story was amazing, really fast-paced and not to mention intense because the love scenes were mind-blowing. I never imagined that people in that period were that passionate or that Julia has such an amazing imagination, but oh boy, they deliver exactly what they were supposed to. The story is portraying the difference between social layers and how people are not allowed to love and be together.

The passion is there, the mystery, the funny elements, and plus, the gang is there, interacting and helping each other. The Bridgerton’s are a force of nature and together, they can stand up to everything as long as they are united and love each other dearly.

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