Here with Me by Samantha Young

My rating: 5/5 stars

I’ve been in a BAD reading slump for weeks and weeks and it was awful because I felt I was not going to get out of it. Furthermore, none of the books caught my attention, even if I have stuffed bookshelves.

Things changed when I tried Samantha’s “Adair Family” because it reminded me so much of “On Dublin Street”. Considering it is one of my favorite series up to date, I just had to try it, to see if the vibe was there.

The vibe was certainly there and the series is my current obsession because I just can’t get enough of this family, of all the drama, and all the intensity happening around. Yes, I was attracted by the age gap trope, but at first, it was an innocent thought. Later it started to feel like an addiction and a very good trope to follow, it gave the book that extra spiciness.

So, “Here with me” is the first book in the series and it follows Robyn and Lachlan, a couple who first hated each other. Robyn came to Scotland, on the Ardnoch Estate, to have her father, Mac, back in her life. Their relationship was strained and she wanted to understand if there is any possibility that they can revive their bond and be the family she always wanted. In a nutshell, Mac dedicated his life to being the bodyguard and now chief of Security for Lachlan Adair, a very famous Hollywood actor.

After realizing that the movie industry is not entirely for him, Lachland transformed the family estate into a private club and was determined to make it work. When Robyn arrived there, everything he knew crumbled, because this girl was pushing all the buttons, but in an exasperated way. Robyn hated Lachlan, considered him the main reason her father left, and Lachlan wanted to protect Mac from getting hurt. So – drama, intensity, and a fantastic push and pull which just ERUPTED at a certain point in the story.

I liked Robyn so much because she is truly a badass. She is so feisty, so strong, and determined, that it blew my mind away. Not to mention that she is an ex-cop, so her training is more than awesome. Her past is hunted her and traumatizing memories are always finding a way of coming back, but she tries to move on. But apart from that, she knows when to be vulnerable, when to love and when to be strong. She is determined to find closure with Mac, even if that means both ways – figure things out and be a family again or end this and move back to the US. She is guarded with Lachlan, but up to a certain point and that is when his mask is gone, revealing his true nature.

Lachlan also suffered dearly in life, losing his parents in tragic circumstances. This fear of losing people he loves is in his bones and he is determined not to let anymore near him. Guarding his heart constantly, he always finds a reason to stay away from Robyn, until a point when he gives up. The 2 of them are hot heads and very similar, with fantastic interactions and dialogues. Even if they have an age gap of 13 years, I had noooo problem with that, on the contrary. He has siblings, who will be the main characters in the upcoming volumes – Thane, Arran, Brodan, and Arrochar, the only Adair women in the family. Just wait until you read their stories!!!

The story is very intense and it’s a mix between Romance and some Thriller elements because Lachlan will face some serious threats, putting in danger his business, but also his family. Being an ex-cop, Robyn will help in the investigation and will help Mac and Lachlan to find the person behind it. Things will get creepy and dynamic, with a lot of twists and life-threatening situations which will blend very well with the other aspects of the story. I was the perfect combo!!

I am recommending you this book and the other ones from the series because you cannot be bored here. All the time something happens, even if it’s good or bad. Drama, twist, spicy love stories, friendship, and family, all in a very intense series which I LOVE.

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