There with you by Samantha Young

My rating: 4/5 stars

The second installment from the “Adair Family” series, “There with You” is a little lower in rating than the other books, but I will certainly explain myself in a few seconds.

I loved all the couples from the books, and still, love them, but Thane and Regan had something lacking, which made me a little hesitant in giving the maximum score. I love when a love story is out in the open and for everybody to see. When that love story is kept a secret, I cannot embrace 100% the idea and this gives me a “little dirty secret” vibe.

Thane Adair is Lachlan’s brother, a widower, and father of 2 – Lewis and Eilidh. When his wife dies, his whole world crumbled and his main responsibility was raising his children in a good environment. The whole family loves the kids and will do anything for them, but when Thane becomes overwhelmed by his job and father’s duties, he is desperately searching for a nanny.

Enter Regan Penhaligon, the 25-year-old beautiful girl who will take the whole family by storm. She is Robyn’s half-sister by mother and in the first book, she was portrayed as a little wild and reckless, not being there for Robyn when she needed her. Because of this, Robyn is upset with her but misses her at the same time. Things are very complicated between the 2 and when Regan will come to Scotland, a bomb will explode. With her history and what the Adair family knows about her, Regan will have to win their trust, but mainly to recover Robyn.

Because Thane is desperate to find a nanny, after a certain debate, he hires Regan for the job, entering their lives and winning their hearts. They soon because inseparable and in the meantime, she will get extremely close to Thane, developing a crush, which will be mutual.
Thane and Regan will begin an affair, but unfortunately, this will be kept from the family and kids, because of the age gap and also because Regan will not stay permanently in Scotland.

However, their relationship is full of twists and turns, of extremely spicy episodes and the connection is something you can’t deny. The reason why I gave the book only 4 is that I wanted more from Thane, I wanted him to man up and admit sooner his love for Regan. I understood his motives, his fears, and his love for his kids, but I also think he was a coward and that Regan deserved more.

All things considered, I loved Regan and I loved her loyalty and her intensity and determination. I think that for her age, she was brilliant, and even if she made mistakes, she paid for them. Seeing a woman at 25 who is so devoted to 2 kids made my heart melt and I realized that Thane was so lucky, even if he was the last to realize it. I understood him, but I wanted him more aware of the situation and to take decisions more by heart than my mind.

The book also has intense moments and has the same vibe as the first one, so besides a beautiful story, the age gap, and all kinds of elements, your breath will be taken away on some occasions.

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