Always You by Samantha Young

Rating: 5/5 stars

“Always You” is exactly the definition of this book – for Arrochar Adair, there has always been one person – Mac Galbraith. Their love story is the slow burn that kept on burning and burning throughout the first 2 books and now it truly exploded into something truly fantastic.

Of all 3 books, I think this one is my favorite. I will have to wait until Arran and Brodan to take my final decision, but Arro and Mac are strong on my list. Besides the age gap, which is a criterion, their story is the most dramatic, full of history and forbidden elements. 7 years of pent-up frustration, love, adoration, and mixed feeling are in this book and when you read about it, you realize the complexity of the story. When you come to think of it, it was extremely hard for both of the characters, and to be strong to admit your feelings and move on says something about your personality, but also the intensity of your love.

Arro has always been in love with Mac and even though she tried hard, he was giving her mixed signals, hot or cold. Arro is my favorite of the girls and I consider her extremely smart and kind, with so much love to give. Broken by her father’s death, Arro has tried to be strong but kept her feelings inside. This gesture hurt her more, because the more she suffered, the more her heart kept on being broken. Even if Mac was always there as a friend, it was not enough. She wanted more, wanted to tell the world about her feeling and to be loved back. This expectation broke me because it was very simple of her – she wanted to be loved by Mac and did some effort in this aspect.

Mac had his demons to take care of, including fixing his relationship with his daughter, Robyn. Aside from that, Mac was also in love with Arro but feared not being good for her. Wrong – I think that Mac is the best thing that ever happened to Arro and they truly deserve their HEA.

Why do I love this book? Besides the slow burn and the eagerness to see what happens next, I enjoyed the flashbacks, as being the first book to introduce them so frequently. They were also in the first 2, but not quite like here. Furthermore, the action and the drama had other levels here, it was more fast-paced and when you think things are over, they are not. Plus, the intimacy and the emotions because this particular love story was amazing and it melt my heart.

So, read it please and enjoy Mac and Arro as I did. Arran will arrive next weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!

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