Be with me by Samantha Young

My rating: 5/5 stars

This ready has been a total blast for me. It was my relaxation corner, my little place where I could escape. It was fantastic and I will recommend it to everyone. Unfortunately, I will get to read only one more book until the series will be concluded, but the ride was worth it.

Be with me” is the fourth book in the series and it was dedicated to Arran and Eredine. This couple was very dynamic throughout the series and we could catch bits and pieces of their upcoming romance. Eredine might have also tricked us with false leads from time to time. If you ask me right now, I think they deserved more action in this book, but the low-paced action and the intimacy of the delivered story were very good.

Eredine is hiding something and only Lachlan and Mac know about it. She is a very private woman, with a passion for dancing and her loyalty toward the Adair’s is fierce. Her love life is practically non-existent, but she is at peace and plans to stay that way. Arran took her by storm and their story will be very intense to read. It will be a slow burn that will BURN once it will reach the maximum intensity.

Eredine and Arran have been friends for a while and the trust kept on building. Due to this, she will trust Arran also with her body and will confide in him her most intimate desire – a one-night stand with him. “One” becomes “more” nights and from that day on, they will be ruined for other people.

The story between them is very intimate and full of secrets but also disclosures. Everybody knows that Eredine is hiding something, but it took her time to trust and be able to talk about it. Arran managed to win her and learn about her past. For the reader, it was very emotional and heart wreaking, because both stories were deep and full of surprises. You get very attached to the characters and hope they will find their HEA.

Samantha managed to make this the saddest and most intimate story, with a lot of information to digest but apart from that that, she walked us through the evolution of a relationship, from friendship to something larger than life. I know that Brodan is the only one left, but up to this point, I can say that Arran was my favorite. I hope Brodan won’t take me by storm, especially with everybody comparing him physically to Chris Evans. 😀 Even Samantha pictures him as Chris.

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