Twisted Games by Ana Huang

My rating: 3.5/4 stars

I’ve begun this book with more hopes than the first one, but it turned out to be actually more dull than it. Please, don’t hate me for this. I wanted to give it 5 stars only because the hero is named Rhys, but apparently, the hero can’t always save the day. This book was more settled and calmer in action than Twisted Love, but it was kind of boring, but that slow burn killed me and my mood.

This story is about Bridget, one of Ava’s best friends. She is second in line to the throne of Eldorra, but her life is about to change. She always had that comfort that she will not rule, because her brother Nikolai was first in line. When life happens and all her plans are turned to dust, Bridget’s story will develop into something more. Her life will change and her priorities will be others because now, the people and Eldorra need to be put first.

Rhys is an ex-Navy SEAL / turned bodyguard and he will be assigned to protect Bridget. Rhys is very different from any other man Bridget has known – possessive, tattooed, dominant and because of this, they will have each other at first. Plus, Rhys doesn’t consider himself worthy of love or doesn’t have plans to because romantically involved with someone. Because of this, their romance will be a terrible sloooooooooooooooow burn, which will trigger a lot of things.

I liked the bodyguard affair trope and also the age gap. Those were very good highlights and they practically made me finish the book. The difference between Rhys and Bridget is extremely easy to spot, but they clicked together. It kind of reminded me of the “Royally” series by Emma Chase, because it was similar in plot. Rhys was very dominant and I was not his fan during the romantic scenes, because they were a little cringe. I think that I’ve read so many Romance books, that it will be very hard to have shocking surprises. Rhys was not one of them. He was nice and loves Bridget with intensity and dominance, but he was not wow.

Bridget on the other hand was persistent, and mature and developed well for the character. I actually liked her and I loved her transition from Princess to more. She really left her comfort zone and made some good and bad decisions, but at the end of the day, it marked her as a mature person, even at the age of 24.

The book was a little boring and I expected more of a bang, a surprise, or something to happen bigger than my expectations. It did not and that was disappointing. Even though I loved the tropes, I wanted more action, more plot, and more schemes to happen. The couple was ok, even if I was not fine with their language during sex, it was not for me and I found it cringe while reading.

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