The Takeover by TL Swan

My rating: 5/5 stars

There is a saying going around – when you know, you know. This is exactly what happened to me with Tristan, because he has been on my mind ever since I read “The Stopover”. I was very drawn to his personality, and his maturity and in comparison with Jameson, he was better. Now, after reading “The Takeover” I can sincerely say I was right and the book is here to prove it.

“The Takeover” is the second volume from the “Miles High Club” and even though are still 2 brothers to read about, I know who my favorite Miles is. I’ve been very attached to Tristan and I trusted this connection with him to be a quality one because his story was a real-life story, one which deserves all my admiration. What he did was by far easy, it was complicated and messy and it required great responsibility. He knew how to weigh the pros and the cons and went for what he wanted so badly.

Claire is a widow with 3 kids and she is really trying to raise them as well as possible. She is trying to replace the father they have lost, but for 3 boys, the presence of a father is mandatory for their upbringing. But she tries, even if that means giving herself up. Loneliness can be hard and when she decides to give herself some “me time” in Paris, she stumbles across Tristan Miles, the “jerk” who 6 months ago, wanted to buy her media company. She declined because that company belongs to her late husband and it was the only thing left from him, besides the boys.

Even if they don’t literally like each other, Claire and Tristan will begin a very interesting affair, which will change its course the moment Tristan finds out about her kids. A lot of men would have given up, but not him… When he wants something, he won’t let 3 boys get in the way. The first half of the book is very intense and funny and I particularly loved the enemies-to-lovers trope and the age gap, but Claire being older than Tristan.

Exactly as I’ve said before, I loved Tristan and his intensity for Claire. The funny scenes were delicious and the banter between him and the kids was hilarious. The boys were jealous, possessive, and problematic, but also good kids, that just needed to understand that they could see Tristan as their father. The transition was hard, but the results were very good in the end. Claire was not my favorite character because she was changing every time and hot and cold and just annoying. Even if Tristan had zero experience in being a father, I wanted Claire to be more trustful and more open to this possibility. Instead, she was always changing her mind and doubting and it blew my mind!!!!!

I totally recommend this book because it was just hilarious, but with some clear messages about second chances and moving on. The way the story was crafted was very funny and smart, and even if some parts annoyed me, I really enjoyed the story and the main hero.

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