Park Avenue Player by Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland

My rating: 4/5

After reading like 100 books from this duo, you believe that you know what to expect. WRONG!!! I really don’t know how they do it, but this book actually worked in spiking my interest. It was a nice surprise for me and I’m sorry I left it behind a few months ago. Maybe I wasn’t in the mood, but at this moment, the story dropped perfectly.

Hollis and Elodie meet during a car accident in a parking lot and from that day on, they will never be the same again. Elodie will discover that her bumpy relationship with Hollis might turn into something else once she discovers the real him. Elodie will become the nanny for his niece and when living under the same roof, things could get complicated, especially when the past is right around the corner.

Hollis was a very intriguing character, the perfect grumpy cat for Elodie, but he had his reasons. His mother died of cancer and the love of his life left him for someone else, which might end up in trauma. From day moment on, Hollis sheltered himself from love and even if his attraction for Elodie was palpable, he did a lot to keep her away. Not mixing business with pleasure was his rule, until it went through the window.

I loved Elodie and loved her freestyle and attitude. She is smart, funny, beautiful, and cared a lot for Hollis’s niece, Hailey. They were the perfect team and together with Hollis, they could actually become more. I liked the way Elodie was up front, and funny and that she truly embarked sincerely on this love affair.

What was particularly impressive for me was the drama element inserted here. You know, all love stories have a turning point, some of them are cool, and some are vague and nonexistent, just there to drag the story further. In this case, the drama element was WOW and it left me with my mouth open because I was not expecting it. Of course, I can’t say anything about it because I will spoil the story, but prepare yourself, it will be major. I think that this element made me rank the book 4 stars because without it, the general story would have been flat and due to the off-the-charts chemistry of the characters, it would have received 3 stars.

I think it was a very nice good, keeps you in the action, and the slow burn and the combustion of attraction is something work seeing and following. The couple is very different and you can see it, but love it. It definitely deserves a good ranking and I recommend it to all Romance lovers.

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