Moody by Penelope Ward

My rating: 3/5 stars

I think it’s not the case to tell you how much I love Penelope Ward and that she is one of my favorite Romance authors. Her style is amazing and her stories get me every time because they are deep, intense, and very sexy.

Moody” is her latest work and for me, it was a solid 3-star read. I was expecting more, but what can I say? I’m lucky to enjoy her books, so every story is a bonus for me. When I discovered Penelope, her books were more complex, with more plot and drama. Things evolved in her writing style and now her stories and sexy and relaxing, fit for some chilly days.

The story between Dax and Wren was very intense and very well written in terms of chemistry. Their story was so intense, so sexy, and smart, I loved it, even if the whole content was a little odd. Wren is sent by the massage company she works with to have a massage session for Dax.

When they first meet each other, they instantly hit it off and the chemistry was palpable. Things progressed very quickly between them and even if the tension was there, the slow burn killed me. Dax is kind of complex, grumpy, good-looking guy and Wren is a free spirit, straightforward, and very sincere. I loved her and I like reading about heroines that are this open and not afraid to take a leap. BUT!!! When you insert so much drama into something that could have been so beautiful and simple, I am not the biggest fan.

What I didn’t like and I felt it off, was the plot and the reason the characters acted the way they did. You know when a person is sacrificing things for the great of all making and even if it kills him he goes for it? In some ways, you feel this is the case here, but it’s not. I’ve overanalyzed it and this was not it!!!!

I think the story could have benefited from another plot or other change of events and it was a pity because the characters were cool and very well-written. Besides that, I really enjoyed their chemistry and their scenes together, and congrats to Penelope for having the talent to lay it on paper.

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