The Do-Over by T.L.Swan

My rating: 3.5 stars

I’ve been waiting for this book for a long time and now that I’ve finally got the chance to read it, I realize it was not the best in the series. I really hoped Chris would win the Best Miles Award, but it didn’t happen. All things considered, I rated the book a realistic mark, because it was not awful, but it was by far the best from the Miles series.

Chris was portrayed in this book as being an out-of-this-world guy, with no terrestrial references whatsoever. He didn’t know how to call an Uber, or how to book a restaurant and his main focus was threesomes. He is extremely superficial and without any perspectives and after a conversation with his brothers, he suddenly had an epiphany and wanted to reevaluate his purpose in life. So he decided to go backpacking with only 3.000 euros in his wallet and boy, he was in for an adventure. He will begin a new chapter of his life without being the rich Miles, without money, fame, or people to tend after him. Even if he is a grown-up, he acted just like a teenager who ran away from home and decided to explore the Univers. His first stop was Barcelona.

Hayden is a farm girl and also decided to pursue an adventure, to travel to Europe and to enjoy life. Her farm was her life, but considering she is young, her family motivated her to take on this new adventure and live a little. She will meet Chris at a hostel in Barcelona and they will embrace a very cute friendship. At first, it was nothing sexual about it, but the more they got to know each other, the more things between them developed differently. They will become part of a gang and all these members will take on jobs, not only in Barcelona, but in different destinations as well.

So, this couple was a little odd for me, because the age was not leveled to the actions Chris and Hayden did. The plot was kind of superficial and without major things happening. It revolved mainly around Chris hiding his real identity and trying to win Hayden over by himself, not by his money and empire created in London. And the beginning of the book was a challenge, because it was not good, with strange dialogues and situations that made you question your journey.

I gave this book 3.5 because there will be a subplot that I loved and made me see Chris differently, but to conclude it, he was very mature and didn’t realize obvious things. It was not mainly about women, but about LIFE things in general, that have common sense and can be analyzed. Due to that subplot, this book was saved, but if you ask me, it was not the best idea for Chris, I wanted something more from him.

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