A Cosmic Kind of Love by Samantha Young

My rating: 5/5 stars

I am literally in love with this book because the way it made me feel was fantastic. I’ve been looking for a funny and relaxing book, with a sweet story and you know what? I’ve found it!!!! I can sincerely say that this story was one of the best I’ve read in 2022. I loved the characters and the way the plot progressed and even if the intensity was not off the charts, it all blended perfectly with everything.

Hallie and Chris meet in very peculiar conditions, almost never seen in a book. She is a very successful event planner and Chris is an astronaut – yep, you heard it right. While organizing the wedding of Chris’s ex, she finds some old videos which Chris sent to her when he was on a space mission. Curiosity got the better of her and she saw all of his videos, absolutely fascinated by his looks, stories, and intensity. Planning to make amends for what she’s done, she also sends some videos with Chris, in which she is pouring her heart out about almost everything – her parents, her love life, her insecurities, and even her job. Little does she know that Chris is actually receiving those videos, and is as well fascinated by her and by her personality. So, the 2 of them got to know part of their life, without actually meeting face to face. Wait to see what happens when they actually meet in person!!!!

Why I enjoyed this book so much? Because I related to Hallie a lot. I felt like I knew her and that her situation with her parents was exactly the same as mine, on another scale and with other family members. She felt exactly as I did in being in between and always trying to be with her mom and dad, even if it meant leaving aside a part of her. She is a people pleaser and even if she doesn’t realize it, this is killing her from the inside. Also, I enjoyed her bad luck and the events she was taking part in because they were hilarious. Hallie is a dual person – she can be fragile and with her head in the clouds, but she is extremely strong, perceptive, and smart. She makes those videos for Chris because she wants someone to hear her out and at that moment, that was the only possible way.

Chris was amazing, but a little lost, if I could say so myself. Losing his mom and brother, Chris pursued what his brother Miguel would want, as in being an astronaut. Being like him made him happy, but also a little without perspective. When loosing also his girlfriend, who cheated on him while on a space mission, Chris was very lost. I like the way his character was presented and the way his heritage was drafted. Being part Mexican, I enjoyed his story and his interaction with his father, even if there were some serious issues there. His feelings for Hallie were true, but he needed to determine some important aspects of his life and be at peace with his family.

When you put 2 and 2 together, Hallie and Chris don’t seem a good match, but after you see them together, feel their connection, and the way they help each other, you will love them. They define a new style in terms of “couple”, but they make sense in a fantastic way. The book is a slow burn, but it was terrific, fast to read, and had moments of tension, but also amazing funny and sweet moments. The book is about the defining moments in life when you need to take a decision, take a chance, and risk for your happiness. I loved every minute of it and it was a very nice surprise done by Sam and her incredible writing. READ IT!!! πŸ˜€

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