Much Ado About You by Samantha Young

My rating: 4/5 stars

This year I really had a tendency with reading books from the same author, until I nearly complete his or her portfolio. I don’t regret it, because I always had favorite authors and because I am not in the mood to risk, this was the safest version of all. First, it was Penelope Ward, now is Samantha’s Young turn to be explored and read to exhaustion.

I enjoyed soooo much her Adair Series and she reminded me of the first series I read from her, which is obviously, “On Dublin Street”. Now, I opened Goodreads and began all of her standalone’s and I am very happy about it.

Much Ado About You” is a very sweet love story, which in some cases, doesn’t necessarily relate to actual life situations, but being in a fictional environment, I didn’t mind dreaming a little. Evie feels that there is life for her outside of Chicago and when the promotion she dreams of is not happening, she shifts the course of her life and wonders off to England. But first, she books the package of any book-lover – a temporary position at Much Ado About Books, the bookstore located beneath her rental apartment, in Alnster, Northumberland. Now that everything is settled, Evie can dream of finding herself.

Her main concern is her problem with men and that she finds it difficult to keep someone. Either they are too young or afraid to commit, it seems like Evie is always getting her heart broken, but that won’t happen here. This trip is only about her, about finding her voice and her independence – no men and no heartbreak. Hahahaha.

Enter Roane Robson, a sexy and out-of-this-world gorgeous farmer, with an adorable dog who kind of melts her defenses day by day. He is not a player, he is a one-of-a-kind man, who believes in true love and finding the ONE to spend his life with. The only problem is that Evie is friend-zonning him terribly and because of this, we have a slow burn which is very interesting to follow.

As Evie is getting involved in this “friendship” with Roane and discovers how wonderful the villagers are, she begins to believe that her place is here, in this English village of Alnster. Her life has meaning now and she finally has this sense of belonging to a place. The people are accepting her, her job is to die for, and apparently, something is sparking with Roane, which may give her hope for the future.

I gave this book 4 stars for 2 reasons: First, because of Roane, because he is just a unicorn of a man. His principles and the way he manages his life are unbelievable and he is just a good guy. He is not a player, or with heavy baggage, he is just sooo attracted to Evie and makes her feel special and wanted and beautiful. The way he acts around her and the innuendos he does are not dirty or inappropriate, they are balanced and good and HOT. I just fell for him hard and wow, their moments were amazingly written. Intense and sweet and loving. Just made my heart squeeze. The only thing that is not 100% realistic is the rushing of their relationship and the timing. BUT I DON’T CARE!!! I love the idea of their relationship and that is that.

Second, because of the community Samantha created and reminded me sooo much of “On Dublin Street”. That is her gift, o making people come together and feel like in a family, even if they are not related. Sam drafted some pretty intense dramas between the villagers and I immediately took them on, and apparently, Evie as well. You get fond of them and consider them part of the pack, with minor exceptions. I liked the drama, the banter, the happiness, and all the history this village had to offer, and how it put Evie in the middle, making her like an observer.

I really hope you’ll give this book a chance. It is really amazing and sweet and will make you feel more relaxed and determined that taking a risk is so worth it. Evie had some difficulties believing that things are happening the right way, but once her perspective was clear, the answer was right in front of her.

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