Twisted lies by ana huang

My rating: 5/5 stars

My relationship with this series has been so weird, I find it very hard to explain to you know that basically, I did not like the 3 books but loved the 4th. It is odd, but this is my reality and I think Ana should have written one “Twisted Lies”.

This book is the last installment of the series and it went down with a bang, because it was terrific, with suspense, dynamics, love, action, and drama. It had everything I needed and it became an addiction for me.

Stella is friends with Ava, Bridget, and Jules and this is her story. She is a fashion influencer, gorgeous, and extremely capable of taking over the world. Her beauty and kindness are her priciest possessions and I liked her from the beginning, even when reading the stories from other characters. She was truly kind, with a heart of gold and something, you think of her as naive, but you are wrong. She is just like that, with a caring heart and that energy is radiant, right through her.

We know Christian used to work with Rhys and that he is now a multimillionaire, having a huge security empire. He is rich and gorgeous and he reminded me a little of Alex because he is unfazed, but his presence is extremely intimidating. He is cold and calculated, but very well-built from the outside. The issue comes from the inside because Christian doesn’t believe in love and was not raised in a loving way, for him to see this as a goal. Even so, he is obsessed with Stella and will do anything to maintain her near, harvesting that obsession.

The main plot of the book is fake dating. Why? In order to gain her dream contract, Stella will need to step up her game and gain some followers on her social media account. Having a boyfriend might be a solution, but she needs one with an impact. Coincidentally speaking, Christian also needs a beautiful figure to accompany him to his events, so the agreement was mutual. But, Stella will have no idea what is waiting for her and even though she had a strict rule – no falling in love, both will lose this game.

This book took such a toll on me and I love every minute of it. I loved Stella’s kindness, and Christian’s intensity and even if there were some aspects that I was not Ok with, the book easily made its’ way into my Top 5 Romance of 2022.

I loved Christian and he definitely won me over with his obsession and love for Stella, and even if he is not 100% the good guy in the story, he is swoon-worthy material all the way. From this dialogue, to the way he treated Stella and ending to the manner he does business. He is not your average good guy – NO. He hides things and knows things, but that didn’t stop me from falling for him.

I totally recommend this book and as a tip – if you don’t like the “Twisted” books 1-3, you can directly skip to this one. You can thank me later. 😀

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