terms and conditions by lauren asher

My rating: 4/5 stars

Every time I write my final review of the year, I get so emotional, and I don’t know why… It’s been a strange year, with so much pressure and reading, unfortunately, it was not one of my priorities. Even though I’ve read 57 books, I want to commit myself more to this, and fingers crossed, I want 2023 to be the year for this. πŸ™‚

So, coming back to my review, my last book of 2022 was “Terms and Conditions” a book that received so much praise, I felt afraid of reading it and not being into it. It is the second book from the “Dreamland Billionaires” series, with the final installment coming in January 2023.

This book is about Declan, the oldest Kane brother, and Iris, his assistant. For those who read “Fine Print”, you all know that grandpa Kane left a huge inheritance for his nephews, but they need to complete some conditions in order to access it. Declan is up next to gain his billion dollars inheritance, but it comes with a price – he needs to get married and have a baby, asap!!!

For those who know Declan, he is complicated and not into love, so this condition will be a business one. But, his temper and coldness with come in the way of his money, because his contractual wife will leave him at their engagement party. Enter Iris, the life-saving, smart, and witty assistant, who takes on the role of fiancee and enters this deal with Declan without having any idea that she will fall hard for him.

This book got 4 stars because of Iris because she was extremely funny and smart and her dialogues were so intelligent and well written that it brought a HUGE smile to my face. She was the epitome of ambition because even with some disadvantages, she thrived at what she does. I really admired her for her perseverance and for her loyalty towards Declan, even though he was not always worthy.

The Kane brothers have a thing going on: believing they cannot fall in love or that they don’t deserve love. I don’t understand where that came from, but reading about it in both books was exhausting. Declan constantly felt unloved and pushed Iris back, only to have all of it coming back in his face. He was not an enjoyable male character, even if I liked his pursue of Iris in the second half of the book. BUT he was not something out of this world and I couldn’t root for him dearly. 😦 The plot was not so much developed beyond the fake dating/ marriage trope, and I wanted to read more about something else, besides faking a marriage and realizing you are in love now…

So, to conclude, the book was better than “Fine Print”, but it was not something wow, that made me feel attached to the series. Even though, I will read “The Final Offer, because I really like Cal and I hope he will not disappoint. πŸ™‚

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