Only You by Samantha Young

My rating 4/5 stars

I’ve been waiting for this book since last year because I love the Adair Series and I needed the final installment. Brodan has been a mystery since day one and his history with Monroe was fascinating for me to discover.

Brodan and Monroe have been friends since they were kids and all the stages of childhood and teenage were lived together are 1. Even if Monroe had a terrible crush on him, the timing was never right and as we knew from all the Adair brothers, the fear of losing someone was deep and strong. Because of this, Brodan didn’t want to commit and wanted to keep Monroe as his best friend, only that. Years went by and after a night that was mentioned in mostly all of the books, Brodan and Monroe broke apart in the most heartbreaking way.

Now, the 2 of them need to face their past and try to solve the issues that kept them apart. it will be very complicated because Brodan is extremely bitter and will take a different persona vs de one we are already accustomed to when it comes to him. With Monroe coming back to Ardnoch after 18 years, the family will be in full alert mode, because it is clear that Brodan is affected and things will happen.

Why 4 stars only? First because of Brodan and the way he acted around Monroe. Rude is putting it mildly and I didn’t like it at all. I know that there were issues between them, but a man cannot act like that around a woman. Their story is a second-chance romance, but I wanted something more intense and something more revealing. The book acted around the pattern as all of them and after reading all 5, I clearly wanted something new, in another direction or with another twist, than the usual.

The story was beautiful and emotional and I loved Monroe, mostly learning what happen to her and the abuses she went through. It was heartbreaking for a child to live that and even in adulthood, she has challenged and abusive relationships. I found her to be a charming lady and the way she handled Brodan was fair. Brodan also changed by the second half of the book, but I was just not that smitten with him after reading all he did to Monroe. I think that after reading all the books, Mac and Arran are my favorite heroes.

In total, the series was finalized in a beautiful way and of course, it could have been better. I particularly liked the epilogue for all the Adair brothers, it reminded me of the “On Dublin Street” series, where Samatha had the same approach.

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