The Gravity of Us by Brittainy C Cherry

My rating: 5/5 stars

This was my first read of 2023 and I fell in love with it HARD!! Brittainy C Cherry is just phenomenal and the depth of her emotions is just something that cannot be put into words. With this book, “The Elements” series is over and I surely think that this is by far, the best one. Maybe it can rival with “The Air he breaths”, but it’s the maximum scenario I can make.

Graham and Lucy are grumpy and sunshine reaching a higher level of awesomeness. They meet in odd circumstances and from that day one, their lives are intermingled in sooo many ways, it was confusing. It’s kind of complicated to give details without giving spoilers, but they will need each other in different circumstances, get close, and finally, fall in love. Their story is about family, hurt, drama, and loss, but so much love, friendship, and understanding. When Graham will face a difficult situation that will change his life, Lucy will be there for him, even if he was not ok with it in the first place. It can be called forced proximity, but in that situation, Lucy is a sign from God that everything will be ok.

Even if Graham was very rude and I was not ok with his behavior toward Lucy, I was sure his attitude is different, we just need to dig harder. And I was right! Graham is a very nice guy, with a very hard childhood, and those events formed his trauma and fear of abandonment. Lucy will bring light into his life, teach him to love, care about the people who love him, and give back in return.

I cannot recommend this book enough, because it was amazing and emotional and for me, it was a mystery how Brittainy can create such emotion without using romantic or sexual scenes. There are so many books that rely only on sex scenes to get the emotional and physical connection, but in this book, there is no need for a lot of scenes. The tension is amazing and growing and you don’t need more to understand the connection between Lucy and Graham. I was amazed and I enjoyed the way my 2023 started, with this wonderful book and its characters.

For those who haven’t read “The Elements” series, please do it and be ready for sad stories, but intense and down to Earth. This made the beauty of the books, the authenticity, and the power of words, which managed to transport us into an amazing world.

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