King of Pride by Ana Huang

My rating: 4.5/5 stars

The second book from this series was waaaaay better than “King of Wrath”, mostly because I’ve waited for Kai and Isabella a lot and the tension between them was palpable from the beginning.

I liked Dante, but Kai is a whole other level, more intense and built up at a maximum pace, where the readers don’t have any other choice but to fall in love with him hard. He was a cute combination of geek, smart and gorgeous, just for my taste.

My rating definitely has to do with Kai, because he was intense and smart and I really like that combination. Also, I love how he learned to be more mature and to learn from his mistakes, taking it as a man and dealing with life’s issues. He was for sure a good male hero and I am not afraid to say that he was better even than the guys from the Twister series. 😀 Except for Rhys and Christian, of course.

The story is not so complex, and is very easy to follow – Kai aspires to become CEO of his family company after his mother steps down. He has been waiting all his life for this moment, and he doesn’t need any distractions of any kind. He needs to stay away from Isabella because he needs to stay focused on his goals.

Isabella loves to write, but at this moment nothing creative is going on. He is a bartender in a fantastic place, but this is not her potential or her dreams. Her family is pushing her to be better, but things are not sunny in the future. Her good moments are when Kai asks her for a drink the nights of her shifts, and her attraction to him is unbearable. But, she also has aspirations and one day, she will become the writer she feels she can be.

Their relationship was very average and it developed at a normal pace, with important moments, sweet ones, and passion. I love it when things are not fast between the characters and you can feel when the rush starts. The book was balanced, with flaws and good moments, but also drama moments, which are a must in this romantic story.

Their worlds are different and their personalities also, but because of this, the book seems down to earth and not some fiction that will never happen in real life. They don’t click like in other romantic novels, they fight for their story and they acknowledge their differences. Even with that, they try to make it work and they are soooo sweet in the process.

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