Becoming Calder by Mia Sheridan

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

One of the hardest things a person can ever do is grieving the loss of a person who is still alive. Read this book and find out how true this words are.
Mia Sheridan will always have a special place in my heart, because her books are unreal to me.. They simply can be written by a human. To me is impossible to be that talented, but she proves me wrong with every book I read.

When you think about love stories, you simply think of a boy and a girl that meet, talk, fell in love, eventually make babies, get married and the end. Well no, Mia Sheridan’s love stories take everything at a higher level, blowing your mind and branding her books into your memory. At least this happened to me.

I won’t go and spoil the action of the book, it is for you to discover on your own. One thing though, it is unique, like anything I’ve read before, in a society where free will is not possible and love in his pure form is not accepted.

The main characters are Eden and Calder. Even their names are special and brought a smile to my face every time I think about them. If I stumble upon a book with those names, my mind wonders every time to them. I’m hooked, I know:) You know they are meant to be together immediately, you just feel it. They know each other since childhood, but Eden always had a crush on Calder. He was like the forbidden fruit for her, always in her reach but never allowed to touch him or speak with him.

They were different in social position and Eden wasn’t allowed to talk to a person of inferior status, in this case, a water carrier. Things progressed when they got older, turning into teenagers and being capable of making decisions despite being told they are not allowed to act according to them. They get to know each other well, seeing how many things they have in common and how much they want to escape their lives in order to be free.

I love how they call each other “Morning Glory” and “Butterscotch”, their love being so intense despite the fragile age. I never look at that type of candy or flower without thinking of them. Their love scenes where heart melting, because the scenes were so good, so pure, with raw emotion that you wanted to be happy for them and cry in the same time due to the intensity.

I’ve never encountered a book with such overwhelming love and seriously I don’t think that there are human feelings that can relate to this. When somebody will ask me about a real love story, this is it! There can’t be a better book that this one, which enables you to connect so deep with the characters.

As the action progresses, we see a different Calder and Eden, more mature and more determined to fight for their love. Calder sacrifices a lot in order to keep Eden safe and she gets through a lot in order to love him freely. My heart broke for them many times, because circumstances weren’t in their favor at all in various occasions and they had to suffer a lot.

This what makes this book so complex by nature: it has love in its most pure and intense form, sadness, tragedy and that sense of connection that not all books have.
The location of the story is unique, kind of gives an ancient vibe to the book. I enjoyed as well the secondary characters that accompanied the main ones, they were special and true friends to Eden and Calder.

In a few words, I don’t have anything bad to say about this book, I loved it so much and it is very important to me, in my top 5 all time. I’ve read it in a though moment in my life and it seriously helped a lot!
Thank God that I didn’t read it in real time to the release date, because waiting for Finding Even would have been treacherous for me.. My advice is to enjoy the books altogether.

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