Grayson’s Vow by Mia Sheridan

My Ratings: 5/5 Stars

” Meet Me in the Middle ? ”

There is no secret that I love Mia Sheridan and I will put aside all the books to just read hers.
After falling irrevocably in love with Archer’s Voice and Becoming Calder+Finding Eden, my appetite for her writing has increased and wanted to see with what she will come up next. Every time I read her books I expect them to be fabulous and guess what??? They are!! And sometimes, even more than fabulous.With Grayson.. WOW!! She was not wrong in choosing him and creating this type of loving/moody hero.

This is the reason I consider Mia Sheridan one of my favorite writters. I can’t imagine anyone displaying this amazing love story in a more romantic, heartwarming and outstanding way.
The plot is very interesting and captivating. We have our girl Kira, who is faced with a difficult decision in order to obtain an inheritance that her grandmother left her. In order to have it, she must be married… problem there… she is not married and her fiance is a bastard.

Enter Grayson.. He meets Kira while having a meeting at a bank, in which he desperately tries to find a way of saving his vineyard. His situation is critical, and he needs help as soon as possible to keep his business floating, or not, risking of losing everything.

Kira hears about his situation and comes up with a plan: them getting married purely as a business deal and spitting the money. They only have to stay married one year, so it shouldn’t be very difficult to end it soon after the year is over. As predictable as it might seem, they fall in love.
But their relationship was not easy.. They were like 2 firecrackers, igniting with a single spark.
I liked Kira for her determination and ability of putting up with Grayson, because believe me it was not easy. I found her to be very enjoyable and trustworthy as a heroine, despite her background and upbringing. She was the perfect match for Grayson, always confronting him and being in a way his equal. She had moments of weakness in which from my point of view had to fight harder, but when you cross the line, nobody is perfect and she made her human mistakes like everybody does.
My relationship with Grayson was a love hate on. At the beginning he was very difficult to say the least, hot tempered and a totally bastard to Kira, although she brought him the solution of his lifetime. He was also very tormented of making his father proud of him, even if the vineyard was given to him as a form of punishment after his death. He has some policies to pay and he wants to make everything that stands in his power to rise this business and be successful. I was not enjoying the way he treated Kira, being a complete and miserable a** to her throughout the first half of the book. But as she managed to crack his icy exterior, Grayson can be very romantic and lovable, a delightful and passionate person to be around.

Their love scenes were a mixture of intense and romantic, with the trademark of Mia Sheridan all over them. In some scenes of the book, I thought that I’m reading the script from one of Keanu Reeve’s movies, “A Walk in the Clouds”.

To conclude, there can’t be a book from Mia that won’t make me swoon and cry, admiring her for her talent and well written stories.

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