Finding Eden by Mia Sheridan

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

I’ve expressed my feelings regarding this series at my review of Becoming Calder, but I have to say a few words for this one too.

In the first book we are witnesses to Eden and Calder coming together as one, in the second installment we see them apart, copping without each other. After the tragic incidents at the end of book 1, we are left hanging and desperate to know the faith of our favorite characters. I don’t want to spoil the plot for you, but this book will take your breath away. It was in my opinion more dramatic and rhythmic than the first one. Take it as a quest for self discovery and happiness, for finally having the happy ending that our couple deserves.

Finding Eden was the closure that Becoming Calder needed and Mia managed to deliver the message in an amazing way.
The first half of the book will keep you handing, not knowing where the story will lead you, and in the second all your answers will get their answers as the plot progresses.

The relationship between Calder and Eden becomes stronger and more beautiful that before, because they had to face a lot of obstacles in order to be together. Speaking of closure, they will both get it at a personal level, but not in their relationship. Separately, they have their own demons to banish, their own wholes to fill and by the end of the book, light will be shed upon everything, leaving them at peace. Calder and Eden are one of the most strong couple I’ve read about, the intensity of their feelings being overwhelming.

Again Mia Sheridan made me swoon and feel so alive reading this book. The connection she managed to built with the reader is impressive, the way the feelings are described just don’t let you have any other choice but to sink in and absorb all the love this story has to offer. That’s why I love her books so much, because every character she writes about becomes my friend, the one that is so close to my heart and makes me cry and laugh.

A perfect ending for a perfect book.

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