Ramsay by Mia Sheridan

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

I was really missing Mia and her unique stories. Ramsay didn’t disappoint and I really enjoy this vengeance to love story, it was something new for her and she should write this type some more. It suited her!

Ramsay was for my liking because I wanted to see the limits that someone goes for revenge, and oh boy, the hero went a great deal to make his plan real.
The hate love relationship between the main characters was packed with sexual tension and even if you wanted to believe he hated her, there was no way the facts were with him. As cliche as it might seem, the truth is always stronger than lies and deceptions, leaving our heroes in the situation of rediscovering themselves after years of being apart.

Ramsay was a very stubborn person and quite judgmental if you ask me, but Lydia was a match for him and I liked her as a strong heroine.

I enjoyed this roller coaster of emotions, because it was one indeed. Up and down until the very end, with a lot of feelings and surprising moments.
It was something different from Mia and I enjoyed so much, because although she wrote something atypical, her trademark elements remain.

This book made me swoon and weep and have a heartache for several day. I just can’t figure out from where does she get this perfect love stories but I am very grateful to be her fan and to discover her books.


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